Looking ahead to high school football for 2015 and who will the quarterbacks be?

People seem to really be hungry for the football talk and we will keep it coming as we head into the Summer months and move ahead toward the Fall of 2015….

Who will the quarterbacks be and that is usually the key and in some cases we will have to just wait and see, but here are some of the QB’s we see calling the signals as the new seasons approach….

The #1 QB should be highly recruited Hendon Hooker from Dudley…..Lots of schools including Alabama, Georgia, Florida State, and many other SEC/ACC schools are interested in this young man, and he is only a rising junior and he should take the Dudley Panthers to a very high level of play this Fall and by the time he is a senior, he might be the top-rated quarterback in the state of North Carolina, who knows??? As always, we will have to wait and see, as we track the QB…

Through our research here are the rest of the quarterbacks that could be leading their high school teams on to the field in Guilford County this Fall:

Will Jones(Page)
Malik Stimpson(Grimsley)
Tyrell Dumpson(Smith)
Tavaris Best and Josiah Bonner(Southeast Guilford)
Jake Smith or the younger Homol(Northwest Guilford)
Jaren Rainey(Southwest Guilford)
Larry McLean or John Furr(High Point Central)
Ragsdale in Jamestown(?)
Rayshawn Knight(Southern Guilford) and he will have an All-Area receiver in Ron Hunt…
Troy Flippin or Mikey Kennedy(Western Guilford)
Miles Timmons or Garrett Marsh(Northern Guilford)
Josh Branson or Joshua Patterson(Northeast Guilford)
Dominique Graves, Bryant Barr, Yero Osei or Marlon Holmes(Eastern Guilford)
Bailey Willis, Isaiah Kittrell or Jordan Brown(High Point Andrews)
De’Shaun Taylor(High Point Christian Academy)

+++++There may be more out there, but this is what we have so far…….+++++


  1. Look for that freshman to take over the last 3 years. SE will be tough again, probably finish in 3rd. Not sure anyone has enough for Dudley! Btw.. wish I could be at that Dudley/Richmond game! Anyone else see Mallard Creeks schedule? Good gosh…..

  2. If Dudley gets a chance to run up the score aganist southeast I hope they will.

  3. And why is G Simpson not in contention at grimsley wow dont take experience over talent Stimpson is good but that freshman showed a lot of skills last year just my thoughts

  4. Before you print articles you need to get your facts checking straight. I think that your getting confuse about QB situation at Grimsley. You have a freshman QB name Gerald Simpson number 12, then you a junior QB name Malik Stimpson number 10. The two games Grimsley won this past year the freshman Simpson was at the helm. He also started more games than Stimpson. He was the starting QB at the end of the year. I think that confusion comes with the last names Simpson and Stimpson. So please make sure that your facts are straight, if I’m wrong than let me know.

  5. Stimpson was the main QB and then they had to call Simpson up from the JV’s when Stimpson got hurt…

    Stimpson replaced Jake Simpson two years ago when Jake got hurt and then the other Simpson replaced Sitmpson last year…

    Stimpson would be the main man if he is healthy….

    We will see…If was at the JV game when Grimsley and Simpson beat Ragsdale…

    We shall see, but I have followed these young men for the past three years and I know what is going on….

    The fact is I got the info and I have to let it go/loose….

  6. Hi Andy,
    No disrespect, but you don’t have your facts straight. Simpson was name the starter at the Mount Tabor game that is where Malik Stimpson got hurt catching the ball out the back field. That was the fifth game of the year. The coaching staff made the decision to make Simpson the starter. The fact is that you got the wrong info and you need to fact check before writing a article for the public to read. Grimsley JV tied Ragsdale not beat them, just another fact that wasn’t correct that you just said

  7. Hi housemoney!
    No disrespect but who cares about Grimsley? They’ll be in the cellar once again and makes no difference who their QB is.

  8. No Disrespect,

    It will be a different Grimsley this year. By the way I know you didn’t go to Grimsley, because you can’t even spell you name right. So how do you want to listen to you about football.

  9. No disrespect toward Simpson, but Stimpson did a very good job the year he took over for Jake Simpson…

    Times change and do all things from memory and mind has been like a steel trap for many years…

    Is Coach Res still around?

    He has been good about sending us info over the years…

    If Simpson runs the QB for Grimsley this year, where will Stimpson be in the lineup???

    Bruce Davis has been one of the key go-to men over the psst two years and what is his prognosis for this season…

    I like these open forums….I came here to learn something and that is what we are doing…

    Nore power to HouseMoney for standing up for his game and I hope he keeps on improving his game….

    Let’s all learn more about this upcoming season…

    I still want to know who the Ragsdale QB will be???

  10. Just my thoughts guys I really think Stimpson should change positions possibly defense OF he wants to play at the next level,case in fact,J Mack over at central has NO OFFERS AS OF THIS PAST WEEKEND he was probably the most talented player in the state last year however college coaches thinks he’s to small to play QB and they have no film on him at any other position, smh I blame the coaches for this they should have thought about this kid rather than winning a championship, now he’ll enroll at a D2 D3 school with certainly D1 talent, don’t beat me up just my thoughts let’s put these kids future first!

  11. Hi Andy,

    First of all I too enjoy this type of forum. Never take anything personal. I love hearing other people opinions. If I don’t know anything at all, I know in 2017, 2018,2019 there going be a lot of athletes leave this area on scholarships. I have seen most of these kids since they were little. No coach Res is no longer at Grimsley. Bruce Davis is still there, bigger and strong and faster than last year. Malik Stimpson is a leader on the team. He going to be a big part of Grimsley doing good this year. He’s a great kid with a lot of talent. He leadership will determine how far we go. I feel Grimsley have a chance to really prove people wrong this up coming year. I will let you know if I hear about Ragsdales QB situation. I also heard that NW is loading up and so is Northern. It’s a lot of kids transferring school.

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