Greensboro Lady Gaters Basketball Clinic Coming to Proehlific Park on Saturday June 13

Casper Clinic coming to Proehlific Park on Saturday June 13 and this will be run by Emily Casper, Page High School women’s basketball team and she is also with the Greensboro Lady Gaters’ team and the proceeds from this basketball clinic, put on by Emily Casper and the Lady Gaters, will go to help and provide a scholarship for one of the Lady Gaters in need….

Here is the breakdown again, Emily Casper(Page HS/ Greensboro Lady Gaters), on Saturday June 13th from 10:00-3:00, will be putting on a basketball clinic at Proehlific Park. All of the proceeds from the clinic will go to create a financially need based scholarship for a Lady Gater.

Contact Proehlific Park for more details and we will soon have more contact information on this clinic and how you can contact Emily Casper and the Lady Gaters and get involved…

If you have a kid/child that loves basketball, this clinic would be a great way for them to work on and improve their game…..

More details are coming soon so stayed tuned for Lady Gaters Basketball Clinic info….
Emily Casper contact info: