Long-time pro wrestler Tommy Rogers(Tommy Couch) gone at age 54

He began his pro wrestling career in North Carolina according to Wikipedia and he was best known for his work in the tag-team The Fantastics, along with his tag-team wrestling partner Bobby Fulton(James Hines)…..

Tommy Rogers died today at age 54…Known as Tommy Rogers in the ring and billed from the ‘City of Angels’ in Los Angeles, California, his real-life name was Tommy Couch…..Rogers and Fulton/Couch and Hines spent many years working together and traveling up and down the wrestling road as The Fantastics….They had some very good battles and wars with the Midnight Express down in the Texas-based World Class Championship Wrestling territory and The Fantastics were a top baby-face/good-guys combo for a long time…

Time ran out for Tommy today, Rogers/Couch is gone and passed away in Hawaii, where he had lived in recent years and he had become very good friends with World Class Wrestling legend Kevin Von Erich, who also lives in Hawaii..

News on Rogers running hot today on the pro wrestling web sites…Pro Wrestling.net, PW Torch.com, the Wrestling Observer and others…One of the pieces of info that is showing up everywhere:

Tommy Couch/Tommy Rogers was scheduled to be sentenced on Tuesday over a fight with police officers and feared a lengthy prison stay.

Couch was found dead sitting in front of his computer….