NBA Finals begin tonight:Need to stop Stephen Curry and Golden State(Freddy Johnson and GDS can tell you how to do it)

Final from the NCISAA 2006 3-A Men’s Basketball Championship Game at Greensboro Day School:

Greensboro Day School 61, Charlotte Christian and Stephen Curry 53….
Greensboro Day defeated the NBA MVP(Stephen Curry) on that day and did it with some room to spare, 8 points…..
Curry is in the finals again, this time with his NBA Golden State Warriors team….Should LeBron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers give coach Freddy Johnson, over at Greensboro Day School, a call???

Johnny Thomas – Greensboro Day School
Malik Cooke – Christ School
Omar Carter – Charlotte Christian School
Alan Fox – Greensboro Day School
Jeremy Goode – Providence Day School
Charles Dewhurst – Charlotte Latin School
Stephen Curry – Charlotte Christian School….NBA MVP and 2015 NBA Finalist Stephen Curry
Jake Engebretsen – Durham Academy

*****Note from in 2008, looking back to that game with GDS vs. Stephen Curry and Charlotte Christian in 2006:
We saw Stephen Curry and his younger brother Seth lose to Greensboro Day School in the NCISAA 3-A state title game back in 2006. I was doing the radio broadcast and GDS had no problem with Charlotte Christian and the Curry kids.*****