We loved “The Snake”, “The Snake” is gone:Ken Stabler has died at age 69, but leaves lots of “left-handed” memories

This man was a true “70’s quarterback….Ken Stabler, “The Snake”…Stop the presses, in my opinion we have lost a legend…You almost have to think twice as you write out his name, Ken Stabler…Almost looks like the name of a university. Kent Stabler, Kent State, or something like that…We just knew him as “The Snake”….What made “The Snake” different was the fact that he was the “left-handed quarterback”…..*****I don’t know why and maybe it is just me, but I always called him Kent instead of Ken, but again, that is just my way of thinking….*****
+++++”The Snake” had that crazy voice sound too…Deep soft southern drawl, and if you heard the voice and then saw the man that was really behind it, “The Snake” Ken/Kent Stabler, you wouldn’t believe it….Just one deep southern drawl voice, like no other…Once you heard that voice, then you knew it was “The Snake”…He was on many football broadcasts over the years….+++++

Gone at age 69 and the word is the former Alabama and Oakland Raider quarterback has died of colon cancer.

You had to love “The Snake”…There was nothing pretty about the Snake, but he could get the job done and when you think of the Oakland Raiders, you have to think of Al Davis, Ken “The Snake” Stabler and John Madden first…

Stabler was on of the Kings of the QB’s from back in the 70’s….Terry Bradshaw, Fran Tarkenton, Dan Fouts, Bob Griese, Sonny Jurgenson, Roger Staubach, Joe Namath, Johnny Unitas, Roman Gabriel, John Brodie, Bert Jones, Jim Hart, Ron Jaworski, Greg Landry, Craig Morton, Jim Plunkett, Jim Zorn, Dan Pastorini, Bobby Douglas, I’m just rattling off names and the list goes on and on….

I loved Ken Stabler and there was nothing fancy about that guy, but he got the job done…Not a pretty boy, but boy, he could play and could and he could win….He was the man and we will miss him…Sure hope he gets his spot in the Pro Football Hall of Fame one day….

from ESPN.com on Ken Stabler:
If Stabler were to be in the spotlight today, he’d be part Brett Favre, part Kid Rock. He was the poster boy of the renegade Oakland Raiders, then the NFL’s bad boys.

Stabler, born on Christmas Day 1945, in Foley, Alabama, died Thursday. He was 69.

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