Are these the Top Five High School Football Players in Guilford County going into the 2015 season?????

Let’s just all look at this as a Top Five and then go from there….Is this the Top Five and do we need to change up the order? Are we even close, and I feel we at least have to be close?? Who would you add and can we extend this list/thing into at Top Ten??? Should linemen be rated ahead of skill players?????
What do you think so far?????
*****Makes for some interesting observation and discussion….Stats are from MaxPreps and from’s 2014 Stats Tracker….*****

1)Hendon Hooker(Dudley High School)…QB…1,141 passing and 10 TD’s, plus 522 rushing and 6 TD’s…
2)CJ Freeman(Northern Guilford High School)…RB….1908 yards in 2015 and 29 total touchdowns…
3)Diondre Overton(Page High School)…WR….877 yards and 10 TD’s…
4)Thomas Hennigan(Northwest Guilford High School)…WR/RB…100 Catches for 1,148 Yards and 11 TD’s/4 Rushing TD’s/ Also he threw for one TD pass…
5)Jeremiah Brown(Southwest Guilford High School)…WR….829 yards and 10 TD’s…

Another Five:
Isaiah Little(Dudley High School)…OL
One of those runningbacks from Southeast Guilford High School and maybe it is CJ McThay…RB
Will Hardin(Page High School)…OL
Bruce Davis(Grimsley High School)…WR/DB
Chavis Little(High Point Central)…RB 1585 yards last season with 14 TD’s….


  1. Southern Guilford obviously lost Reggie Gallaspy, but the Storm still has RB Nijel Thomas, WR Ron Hunt and WR Kenyon Taylor who transferred back in this year, and Darryl Brown can flat-out coach. Also, how about RB Connell Young (1.051 yards, 11 TDs) at Dudley? Unless Steven Davis suddenly decides to start throwing the ball, Young will get some of Darius Graves’ carries even with Hendon Hooker in the backfield.

  2. How about Connell Young? He is a strong candidate and he could become the feature back in that Dudley backfield…

    Southern Guilford just needs to find out who their quarterback will be and half of their worries will be behind them…Ron Hunt can carry a large load, Thomas is a scat-back that can fly and Taylor will have to re-prove himself for SG…Amon Harris is a strong RB/DB too and SG has at least two top-notch lineman returning up front on the offensive line…

    Who from Southern Guilford deserves to be on that Top Five/Top Ten list???

  3. You at least got to have it looking like this, this early:

    2)Northern Guilford
    3)Northwest Guilford
    4)High Point Central
    6)Southeast Guilford
    7)Southern Guilford
    8)Eastern Guilford
    10)High Point Andrews

    Other teams on the bubble looking to take the #8, 9 and 10m spots….
    Southwest Guilford
    Northeast Guilford
    Western Guilford

  4. I can get down with that Andy. Do you think NW Guilford is going to be that strong this year?

  5. Just insert new quarterback, Jake Smith for Josh Homol and let it roll…Fennie at RB and Hennigan at WR/RB can get you what you need with some help on offense and the defense just has to make sure they stay off of the field…

    NWG at Catawba tomorrow, we should know more then, but Coach Rolfes has installed a good system that the kids seem to like and roll on…

    Coach Woodruff laid the foundation and Coach Rolfes is building it on up from there and wide-open play on offense seems to working fine so far….

  6. I wouldn’t forget about Simeon Gatling at Dudley. He’s going to have his pick from any ACC & SEC school.

  7. You bring up a good point about Simeon Gatling….He will part of tough group of Dudley DB’s with Myles White back there too and White primarily at DB and not at WR….

    Gatling should have a big season and with not being committed yet, he will probably be playing that much harder to be successful…You become like the pro player in your contract season….

  8. Dudley got plenty of weapons yall Speed Kills! Hard to believe but this maybe the best complete Defense White, McCain , Gatlin will rome the secondary the front seven nasty. The offense they have a bevy of backs and receivers

  9. Andy, There is one heck of a QB battle going on at NW right now. There is a chance that Caleb Homol could be the starting QB (Josh Homol’s brother) at NW and not Jake Smith. Caleb went down early in the season last year with broken ribs and was out for most of the season.

  10. I don’t think that Homol can beat out Jake. Jake might be one of the best QBs in the area in the next two years

  11. Metro-

    East Forsyth

  12. Let me just be honest Grimsley will never be successful anytime in the near future because like I stated earlier they have great talent(Bruce Davis) however I’m glad college coaches already know about him because his Sr stats will tank because the coach has decided to go with seniority over talent don’t get me wrong Simpson is a great player however Stimpson is better at QB o well I’m hearing he’s transferred to NE SHAME ON YOU GRIMSLEY CRYING SHAME, NO WORRIES FOR US OVER ON ALMA PINNIX

  13. There is no reason Grimsley isn’t a top team in the Metro. Way to much talent to be as bad as they are. Coaches and Admin are the reason they’re so horrible! There is a reason why the HC quits every 2-3 years.

  14. Sorry to break your hearts people. East Forsyth will not be winning the Piedmont. NWG will beat East and HPC this year. Just put it this way there are a lot of people and players at NW who are taking that one against EF personal and most at NW know why!

  15. Hmmm Valley of the Vikings? Please enlighten us as to why NW will roll against HPC and EF. Then why is it so personal this year against the Eagles?

  16. If yall don’t think Simeon Gatling is top 5 your crazy. Malik Stimson didn’t transfer. Grimsley hasn’t chose seniority over talent. They play with everything they have which is a group of hard working young men. And coach Neal pat has never quit on the whirlies

  17. Vikings lost pretty much entire defensive and offensive lines. Two great returning players in Zach Tyler leading the defense and Thomas leading offensive (both returning starting sophomores from last season) but unless these two can carry entire team, Vikings may have a rough season

  18. NW is loaded with talent on offense. The Oline will be way better than last years. Defense is the question.

  19. Good one,you’re right Malik didn’t transfer the better QB did as in G.Simpson did and I’m sure they work hard that’s what football is about however with that being said AGAIN NO WORRIES FOR US OVER ON ALMA PINNIX P.S. coach Pat is a good man but coaching decisions is not his strong suit

  20. Keep Sleeping On Grimsley .. Your Going To Have Nightmares .. They Expect To Be Overlooked After A 2 Win Season .. For Yall Not To Be Worried About Them Yall Sure Do Keep Their Names In Yalls Mouth ALOT.

  21. Nightmares about Grimsley! Hahaha hahaha!!! The only nightmare is having that many athlete’s and playing such horrible football. Until they clean house and bring a proven winner in they’ll continue to be a joke and Page will wipe the floor with them again.

  22. Coach Pat is a very good coach and even a better teacher and father…He does what he thinks is best for the players and his team and that is where his focus is…

    Very dedicated and he works very hard to keep his football program growing…

    No need to knock Coach Pat, he is one of the best we have here in Guilford County….

    Pat Neal cares about those Whirlies….

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