2015 Bill White Scholarship Winners from Greensboro Colt Baseball

Bradley Blizard:Ragsdale(Appalachian State)
Sam Chafin:Grimsley(Charlotte)
Tom Cruickshank:Page(N.C. State)
Joseph Hughes:Ridgeway (Va.)Magna Vista (Emory & Henry)
Reed Jenkins:Northeast Guilford(U.S. Coast Guard Academy)
Troy Lake:Page(Charlotte)
Kenny Mackovic:Page(Roanoke)
Bradley May:Northeast Guilford (Danville, Va., Community College)
Christopher Moore:Northeast Guilford (N.C. A&T)
Cesar Trejo:Ragsdale(UNC-Greensboro)
Chase Williamson:Dudley(N.C. A&T)

Found the list over that the Greensboro News and Record site yesterday, now noted as Greensboro.com….You got GreensboroSports.com and now you have Greensboro.com and Joe Sirera had them listed so I wanted to bring these names over here and get them web ready for us, since we have a lot of Greensboro Colt followers and local baseball readers in general…

The above young men and we congratulate them all, we have seen them all play here locally with the exception of Joseph Hughes, from Ridgeway, Virginia and the young men will receive $500.00-$1,500.00 scholarships based on need and they will receive these on July 29, which will be the start/beginning night of the Colt East Zone Tournament at Stoner-White Stadium with the winner of that tournament headed to the Colt Baseball World Series in Lafayette, Indiana….

Again congrats to all of the young men and their families from this list….

Discovered at www.news-record.com.com/www.greensboro.com….