East-West All-Stars Soccer Tonight in MacPherson Stadium at Bryan Park

2015 East-West Soccer
MacPherson Stadium
Bryan Park

Women’s game at 6:30 pm Men’s game at 8:30 pm

from www.eastwestallstars.com:

The East-West All-Star Games have lived up to their billing of seeing tomorrow’s stars today, as many former all-star players wear NCCA National Championship rings, Super Bowl rings, NBA Championship rings, or have participated in soccer’s World Cup.

Men’s and Women’s soccer were added to All-Star Week in 1992. Legendary coaches Bob Catapano, Zack Osborne, and Herk DeGraw were featured that year.

Matches have been played at the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. In 2015, renovations there necessitated a move to MacPherson Stadium, home of the professional Carolina Dynamo.

On six occasions, five or more goals have been scored in a match.

Most player participants have gone on to compete in college and several have played professionally. As with football and basketball, these games are a great showcase for the best players, coaches, and officials in the state of North Carolina.