The Top Five Players by position for the upcoming High School Football Season

*****We encourage everyone to get out and watch the East-West All-Star Game tonight. Kickoff set for 8pm at Grimsley’s Jamieson Stadium.*****

Working on developing this Top Five List of players to look out for as the 2015 High School Football Season gets rolling with the first day of practices next Saturday August 1st whether it be at Midnight later on that Saturday morning or Saturday afternoon…

Top Five at each key position and I have been seeing a lot on the DB’s here lately and are a few to get us started and not in order of any particular importance, just a Top Five listing…Again, looking for the Top Five, or the top players at that position….Who is in your Top Five, as some positions, we are seeing a good crop of players….A few we missed and coming our way and don’t mind adding them in, as that makes the lists even stronger…..

Kenyon Taylor-Southern Guilford at 6’2/186
Simeon Gatling-Dudley at 5’10/186
Jeremy Level-6’2/197….These first three were at Shrine Bowl Tryouts last Friday at Randleman High School…
Amon Harris-Southern Guilford at 5’8/175
Bruce Davis-Grimsley at 6’4/195
Myles White at Dudley
Emmanuel Heggie-Southeast Guilford at 6’1/170

Diondre Overton-Page at 6’5/195
Jermiah Brown-Southwest Guilford at 6’2/173
Thomas Hennigan-Northwest Guilford at 6’2/190
Ron Hunt-Southern Guilford at 6’2/195
Bruce Davis-Grimsley at 6’4/195
Tucker Hord-Northern Guilford at 5/8/160
Braden Faison-Walden-Grimsley 6’1/190
Brandon Person-Boyd-Dudley at 5’10/172
Max Maynard-Northern Guilford at 6’0/178….Pretty busy spot at WR for this year and there are more on the horizon…

Hendon Hooker-Dudley at 6’4 190
Will Jones at Page
Malik Stimpson or Gerald Simpson at Grimsley
Terrell Dumpson at Smith
Jake Smith/Caleb Homol at Northwest Guilford….Others we are still looking for and you may want to add your choices in here….
*****Here’s a guy just outside our area to be looking out for:John Lamot-Eastern Guilford at 6’2/222

C.J./Caleb Freeman-Northern Guilford at 5’11/195
Connell Young-Dudley at 6’1/192
Nigel Thomas-Southern Guilford at 5’9/175
Chavis Little-High Point Central at 5’10/175
Kyle Fennie-Northwest Guilford
C.J. McThay-Southeast Guilford at 5’11/200
Stephen Baldwin-Southeast Guilford at 5’8/180

Offensive Line:
Isaiah Little-Dudley at 6’5/337
Will Harden-Page at 6’3/285
Michael Branch-Southeast Guilford at 6’2/275
Dacquari Wilson-Dudley at 6’3 280
Josh Covington-Northern Guilford.

Defensive Line and Linebackers and we need a lot more of these guys:
Garrett Blackburn-Southern Guilford at 6’3/215…DL
Hunter Wade-Northern Guilford at 6’0/230…DL
Romello Herbin-Southern Guilford at 5’9/185…LB
Jerrell Mobley-Southern Guilford at 6-1/290…DL

Harrison Kiser-Page

+++++Some heights and weights were not available for us at this time….+++++


  1. Speaking of top players, what happened to James Summers? EDU listed him as a signee out of Hinds (Miss.) JC in the spring, but he’s no longer on the Pirates’ roster at the ECU website. Did he not complete his academic work at the JUCO? If that’s the case, what a waste?

  2. I called East Carolina about James last week and left a message with their Director of Football Operations(Overton) inquiring about James Summers and the recorded message told me if I was a parent or a coach, the NCAA would not allow them to call me back…

    I told them that I was not a parent or a coach, and told them who I was and they still did not call me back…

    James Summers is at ECU and was in Summer School, but he is still not on the 2015 East Carolina Football Roster and can not play at ECU until he is on that roster….

  3. We will be adding names to the list, so send more names our way and that will give you a chance to decide on your Top Five….

    Looking this over by position…

  4. Dacquari Wilson Dudley high school 6’3 280 rising junior made metro 4-A all conference. Has looks from Wake Forest ,Tennesse ,NC State and,UNC

  5. Yes, I posted him at OL and we are getting some good comments and names coming our way and with some of the linemen and other some kids at other positions, their names can go unheard of, outside of their home base, if we don’t get them some attention on here….

    We learn a lot about the players and their teams as begin to circulate this information….

    On most of the names that we receive, I go back and look them up on MaxPreps, from last season, just to get early bio info….

  6. Headed out to the ball game in a few and will back in here for updates later on tonight…

  7. Andy you forgot us lonely special team position players in punter and kicker any good ones in area you know of?

  8. NW Guilford may have 2 of the top QBs in the area. Jake Smith is one the other is Caleb Homol. There is one heck of a QB battle going on over off NW School rd.

  9. Josh Covington Northern Guilford. Bit undersized height wise but great lead blocker on runs. OL

  10. Myles White should be considered as an all around ATHLETE he could possibly play both sides of the ball and succeed!!! Andy that Maynard kid at Northern any relationship to Zack & Keenan? Also that Connell Young kid is going to be a problem to deal with!

  11. One of the Top 2 WRs in Guilford County is Jr Thomas Hennigan. He led the entire area in receiving last year as a sophomore. Coach Rolfes does a great job getting the ball to Hennigan. It seems that the entire offense went around Thomas last year. This year we have more weapons on the offensive side of the ball so I expect his numbers to come down a little but he will still be making huge plays.

  12. Harrison Kiser if the first name that comes to mind when I think of kickers and punters….Now a senior, has been regular kicker at Page since his freshman year…

    Harrison Kiser….Probably some other out there, but he is the first name that comes to mind…

  13. When you see Max for the first time, you’ll say this kid looks like P.J. Hairston, back in P.J.’s younger days…

  14. Carolina Preps reporting that Coach Causey has stepped down as the Head Football coach at Western Guilford to take the AD job. Losing the HC a week before the season starts is a big loss.

  15. Some DL’s to watch will be Anaz Morehead 52 (6’1 290) and D.J. Aikens 54 (6’2 280) for Dudley both have looked really good at DT all spring and summer and played well during the season last year both starters for the Panthers during last years 10-0 season they will do a great job clogging the middle this season for the panthers.

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