COLT East Zone Tournament RAINED OUT tonight(They will try it again tomorrow)

The COLT Baseball East Zone Tournament has been RAINED OUT tonight and they will try it again tomorrow/Thursday at Stoner-White Stadium/Jaycee Park….We will work on getting you the game schedule for the Thursday games, since now Makeup Games are on the agenda….

Tonight we had games set for 6 and 8pm and during our stop at Stoner-White Stadium, we noted two small lakes in and on the field, one between first and second base and another over at the 6-hole/shortstop….

No games for TODAY, and here’s hoping for better weather forces on Thursday…..It may be that everything will be backed up for one day, or they may decide to move up/today’s games and get them in on Thursday afternoon and then carry on, with the Thursday evening session….Either way, East Zone COLT Baseball will played in Greensboro, North Carolina this week and we had a Sunday morning/afternoon Final last year and we may see that again this season….

*****If they really wanted to get the games in, Greensboro could have thrown Kevin Westlake, he should have no problem with the water….*****

+++++from the Greensboro Colt Baseball Facebook Page:
Rained Out today. Bummer. Games are pushed back a day along with Scholarship awards. Same Bat Channel, Same Bat Time. Tune in tomorrow.+++++

Colt Green Team
Mason Brady
Logan Fields
DeAndre Lesane
Devan Bartley
Sincere Dalton
John Small
Tyler Deberry
Luke Pegram
Devon Biddle
Jose Perez
Edmond Kayhko
Tyler Crook
Caleb Kennedy
Dillon Koonce
Jacob Taylor
Austin Rainey
Brandon Bledsoe
Chet Sykes

Colt White Team
Parker Strader
Brody Holloman
Jacob Brown
Matthew Nusdeo
Nick Goard
Jacob Edwards
Patrick Callaghan
Tommy Zente
CJ Neese
Logan King
Jalen Pruitt
Camden Williamson
Desmond Hargrove
Ellis Stokes
Travis Hunt
Kevin Westlake
James Watkins
Chase Ebert