Graham Sporting Goods Baseball Finals for Today with Greensboro Greensboro Green in a comeback/Greensboro White tops Roth Brothers/Roth Brothers defeats Greensboro Green and now Roth Brothers vs. Greensboro White for Title on Sunday

COLT East Zone Tournament at Stoner-White Stadium:
Roth Brothers(Youngstown, Ohio) vs Greensboro White for COLT East Zone Title on Sunday morning at 11am
Last game of the day/Saturday night:Roth Brothers(Youngstown, Ohio) 4, Greensboro Green 2
This game ended at around 10:57pm…Season over for Greensboro Green….

Greensboro Green 9, Youth Services(Brooklyn, New York) 8
Down by at least two runs in the bottom of the 7th inning, Greensboro Green battled back to get the win, and they faced 2 outs and the count was at 3-3, but Green kept on fighting and they came back to get the win…Devan Bartley(Southeast Guilford HS) scored the game-winning run….Donnie Strader(Northeast Guilford HS) team manager and Mr. Pruitt and others are at his side(assistant coaches)….They play again at 8pm tonight(Saturday) vs. loser of Roth Brothers(Youngstown, Ohio) and Greensboro White….

Final:Greensboro White 11, Roth Brothers(Youngstown, Ohio) 1 (5 Innings)
WP:Jacob Brown(Northeast Guilford HS)
Good effort by Holloman, Hunt, Pruitt, King, Williamson, Callaghan, Westlake and all….Westlake suffered a bit of a knee injury late and let’s hope he is OK for Sunday…Knee injury for Westlake, but with ice on knee Saturday night….

Greensboro Green vs. Roth Brothers at 9pm and Winner plays Greensboro Green at 11am on Sunday morning for the right to go to Lafayette, Indiana…Winner of 9pm game must defeat Greensboro White twice to win the East Zone Title…

PONY Baseball East Zone Tournament in High Point:
Pony results from today: Youth Services, NY scores 2 in the bottom of the 7th to beat High Point 6-5 in a great game. Western Branch, VA beats Davidson County 16-1. In the championship game, Hagerstown, MD scored 3 runs in the bottom of the 7th to walk off as East Zone Champions over Youth Services, NY 6-5.

Going for the COLT East Zone Title on Sunday at 11am:
Greensboro White Colt Baseball Team
Parker Strader
Brody Holloman
Jacob Brown
Matthew Nusdeo
Nick Goard
Jacob Edwards
Patrick Callaghan
Tommy Zente
CJ Neese
Logan King
Jalen Pruitt
Camden Williamson
Desmond Hargrove
Ellis Stokes
Travis Hunt
Kevin Westlake
James Watkins
Chase Ebert