Looking at High School Football Practices for today(8/5/15):”Practices are Progressing”

The high school football teams have now put in Saturday, Monday and Tuesday practices and today would be the first day that they can start wearing pads with shoulder pads today….Full gear by Friday and they can go full speed hitting from that point on…..

First three days with just helmets, “T” shirts and shorts….Shirts and shorts was always a good high school laundry list when you had a washer and dryer at the school and they could do some of the cleaning for you…

Again today, they can go with helmets, shoulder pads, jerseys, and shorts and they can add-in and go full gear by Friday….Always good to have that “T” shirt under your shoulder pads to protect your skin and that shoulder pad “T” shirt was the toughest shirt in town….That shirt would get such a tough set of workouts, that the shoulder pad “T” shirt could stand up in a corner of the room on its own….

Practice is progressing and will have those scrimmages coming up next week…..

Stay tuned…..