A look back at Greensboro Colts’ Game One at World Series from the local Lafayette paper

from the Journal-Courier on-line out of Lafayette, Indiana, at the 2015 Colt Baseball World Series with Greensboro vs. Hoosier North….from www.jconline.com:

Local youth dream of squaring up a pitch with a Colt World Series game on the line and sending it into the gap at Loeb Stadium.

Hoosier North’s Baylee Young still can.

Sent up to the plate with a runner at third and two out in a tie game against Greensboro, North Carolina, the ball didn’t explode out of Young’s swing.

“It didn’t have a lot of power behind it and it wasn’t going that fast,” Young said. “I thought I was the third out for sure.”

But Young’s grounder was far enough away from first base that Patrick Callaghan had to flip to pitcher Kevin Westlake striding to the bag. Westlake reached behind back for the ball, dropped it, then recovered it around the same time Young rumbled through the base.

Westlake vehemently argued he’d recovered in time for the out. The umps disagreed, and Hoosier North escaped with a 10-9 victory.

“I went and batted with my dad yesterday, and we’d been working on line drives and I couldn’t get one to go down,” said Young, a second-year Hoosier North player from Logansport. “But a ground ball pulled it off and I’m happy with that.”

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