Greensboro Colts in 2015 COLT Baseball World Series with first game TODAY vs. Hooiser North at 4pm(Lafayette, Indiana) Final Score:10-9 North

Final:North 10, GSO 9
Czech Republic 2, Pasedena, Texas 1…Bay County, Michigan 7, Hanoi Vietnam 2

Greensboro up 3-0 as they head to the bottom of the 1st Inning….Two-run, two-out Double by Desmond Hargrove with two strikes on him and he hit the ball into shallow center field to bring in two runs….GSO up 3-0 early….…Jacob Brown on the mound for Greensboro….Now 4-3 with GSO still up…Brown now gone and Chase Ebert now pitching for GSO….Brown now at 3b…Hoosier North takes the lead 7-4…In the third Inning…
End of three innings, GSO down 7-4…After 4 Innings, 8-5 Hoosier North….Now 9-7 North in top of the 5th, GSO right back in it…

Greensboro Colts vs. Hooiser North TODAY/Friday at 4pm in 2015 COLT Baseball World Series

Greensboro White vs. the (host area team)/Hooiser North at 4pm in the 2015 Colt Baseball World Series at Lafayette, Indiana…

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Greensboro White Colt Baseball Team
Parker Strader
Brody Holloman
Jacob Brown
Matthew Nusdeo
Nick Goard
Jacob Edwards
Patrick Callaghan
Tommy Zente
CJ Neese
Logan King
Jalen Pruitt
Camden Williamson
Desmond Hargrove
Ellis Stokes
Travis Hunt
Kevin Westlake
James Watkins
Chase Ebert

Coaches:Reid Holmes, Coach Pruitt, Coach Rierson..
Team administrators with Greensboro Colt Baseball:Donnie Stowe, Miguel Paula, Bernie Myers and Jack…

Another look at the Greensboro team and the schools that the players attend:
Greensboro White Colt Baseball Team
Parker Strader-Northeast Guilford
Brody Holloman-Northeast Guilford
Jacob Brown-Northeast Guilford
Matthew Nusdeo-Western Guilford
Nick Goard-Southern Guilford
Jacob Edwards-Southwest Guilford
Patrick Callaghan-Southwest Guilford
Tommy Zente-Southwest Guilford
CJ Neese-Grimsley
Logan King-Northern Guilford
Jalen Pruitt-Dudley
Camden Williamson-Dudley
Desmond Hargrove-Dudley
Ellis Stokes-Dudley
Travis Hunt-Eastern Guilford
Kevin Westlake-Page
James Watkins-Page
Chase Ebert-Eastern Alamance


  1. Greensboro loses 10-9. Very poorly played game –
    7 errors, bad base running, pitching struggled, missed opportunities and a couple of calls that didn’t go our way. Bounce back tomorrow Greensboro!

  2. Got to bounce back tomorrow…Up 3-0, then fell behind 8-5, tied it at 8-8 and then fell at the end….Got to cut down on the errors, get more from their pitchers and need that win….Got the talent to get it done, just have to come together and do it and they can…

    That one play was hard to bounce back with the fly out to right and then the throw to plate to get the runner there and I think our guys had the bases loaded there and just one out and if they could have gotten that run in from third Greensboro goes up 9-8….

    Always lots of plays and one play does not make the game, but I would to have that inning back and cash in on more runs with the bases loaded and one out….

    That’s just me and it was great being able to watch the game on LIVE video…

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