Thoughts from Greensboro Colts Coach Reid Holmes on the road back(somewhere near Charleston, WVA) from the 2015 COLT Baseball World Series

Greensboro Colt Baseball coach Reid Holmes is driving the team van back from Lafayette, Indiana and we caught up with him this afternoon, somewhere near Charleston, West Virginia and got his thoughts on his team’s time at the 2015 COLT World Series….(The Greensboro team left Lafayette headed back toward Greensboro at 6:30am this morning.)

Thoughts from Coach Reid Holmes:
Very proud of his team’s effort(2nd Place Finish) at this year’s Colt World Series…

Said he was most proud and the defining moment of this year’s trip was when his team “Came together as ONE”…..

In the loss vs. Puerto Rico in the Championship Game(PR wins 16-1) Coach Holmes said his team ran into a “buzzsaw” and that Greensboro’s pitching had run out of gas….Greensboro did not run out of pitching, the pitching was just spent after playing 7 games in 6 days and Puerto Rico was in a situation where they had only played 4 games in 6 days….

Big difference in coming from the loser’s bracket, as opposed as coming out of the Winner’s Bracket…

Coach Reid Holmes said Puerto Rico had possibly 4-5 future pros in their lineup on Wednesday night in the Championship Game..

The Greensboro-PR game was similar to the GSO-Los Gatos game earlier in the day on Wednesday, in that GSO pounded the ball in the 15-5 win over Los Gatos and PR pounded the ball in tHEIR 16-1 win over GSO….Versus Puerto Rico, GSO had some early chances, but did not capitalize….Must not give a talented team like PR extra outs and that is just what GSO did….

GSO also gave up extra outs in their first-game loss to Hoosier North, 11-10 and Coach Holmes said you just can’t allow a team to work with more than 21 outs…..GSO also committed 7 costly errors in that first game back Friday, in Lafayette…..

Coach Holmes said he really likes the Host Family relationship and that the fact that the players stay in the host families homes is a plus that can be discounted and he hears about Corey Kimber(Dudley HS/San Diego Padres farm system) still talking to his Host Family from 4-5 years ago and they talk on a daily basis now in 2015….

Coach Holmes has been coaching the Greensboro team now for four years and he would like to return for a fifth year, unless someone else steps up and wants to lead the Greensboro All-Stars….

One of the real big hits of the tournament was the 3-run home run by Brody Holloman in the 15-5 win versus/over Los Gatos on Wednesday…Holloman was one of the emotional leaders of the GSO team…

An outstanding team and a coach that leads and drives his team to and from the World Series….Reid Holmes, somewhere in West Virginia driving a van-load of kids/baseball players back to Greensboro…..