Sharing the same nickname:Teams that are they same in name, but not in game

Was pondering over this topic the other day and there are several teams that have the same nicknames, even they may be playing a different game at different levels of play…

Just look at a few of these and think it over and see which ones you can add to this list….

Dudley Panthers(HS)-Carolina Panthers(NFL)-Florida Panthers(NHL)-Pitt Panthers(College)
Page Pirates(HS)-East Carolina Pirates(College)-Pittsburgh Pirates(MLB)…Hampton Pirates(College)
Smith Golden Eagles(HS)-Philadelphia Eagles-Davie County War Eagles(HS)-North Carolina Central Eagles(College)
Ragsdale Tigers(HS)-Auburn Tigers(College)-Detroit Tigers(MLB)-Guilford Tigers(Middle School-Kiser Tigers(Middle School)-Princeton Tigers(College)
Western Guilford Hornets(HS)-Charlotte Hornets(NBA)-Delaware State Hornets(College)
Northwest Guilford Vikings(HS)-Minnesota Vikings(NFL)-Elizabeth City State Vikings(College)
Northeast Guilford Rams(HS)-Los Angeles Rams/St. Louis Rams(NFL)-Winston-Salem State Rams(College)
*****Lots more to work with although you don’t see too many other Whirlies(Grimsley) or Nighthawks(Northern Guilford) out there…You do have hybrids such as the Atlanta Hawks(NBA) and the Seattle Seahawks(NFL), plus the Seahawks of UNC-Wilmington….It is all about one thing, BRANDING…Trying to establish your name and and game/brand….*****
+++++Why not see what others you can add and we will come back in later on if the action has cooled off and hard to find duplicate Grasshoppers, or even Dash, plenty of Bulls, with Durham Bulls and JC Smith Bulls and other Quakers(Guilford), Aggies(N.C. A&T) and some Pride(Greensboro College), but let’s get into looking this one over….+++++

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