Major Change on your High School Football Schedule for this week:Ragsdale at Grimsley, now on SATURDAY

Ragsdale Football vs Grimsley has been rescheduled to the following:
· JV’s – Grimsley @ Ragsdale, Friday, August 21, 7:00 PM start
· Varsity- Ragsdale @ Grimsley, Saturday, August 22, 6:30 PM start


  1. Grimsley’s field does not drain well, sits low-lying with both end zones and corners near the end zone soaked when it rains like it did yesterday and the day before….There was a similar problem here with Ragsdale at Grimsley about two years ago and if I remember correctly, the game was moved to a Saturday night and Grimsley topped Ragsdale that night with Jake Simpson at QB and Grimsley then went on to top Southern Guilford and Reggie Gallaspy and the Whirlies got off to a (2-0) start under then first-year head coach Pat Neal….

    Ragsdale just re-sodded their field and they probably want to be careful with it and use the extra day and play the JV game on Friday….

    Heavy rain on Tuesday and Wednesday and Grimsley got a big blast on both days/nights and Jamestown/Ragsdale must have received some similar blasts of that same rain too….

    You hate to lose that first-week Friday night opener, but with school still not in session and the chance to get a solo Saturday night game with no college or pro games around yet, this might give Grimsley a chance to not only pick up the Whirlie and Ragsdale crowd, they can also look to see many high school football fans from the other area schools/teams coming over there for the game too….

    Could be a plus in the end, but the rain from the past two days and the slow drainage system at Grimsley factor heavily into this decision…..

    Probably have made a short story long, but this should give everyone an idea of what is going on…..

  2. Andy,

    Thanks for the clarity. I always appreciate your timely comments and the medium that you provide for Triad area sports enthusiast. Keep up the good work as it seems, we are in for a very exciting football season.

  3. I remember back when football was played in any weather except thunderstorms! Now they cancel games when in rains two days before game day at Grimsley. They’ve known about the field for the last 10 years you would think they would’ve fixed it by now. If they tear it up a little who cares its a Football field! This is another reason why GCS should Turf every Football field in the county

  4. Talking about when the Turf Fields get old, right???

    You are right there, they need to be continual kept clean and after the heavy rains dried out as much as possible and mother nature will usually do that and from what hear there are tons of little rubber tire pieces up under there creating that cushion and that part would to be serviced at some point on a regular basis…..Sometimes the green turf will turn a bit black, but I think that comes from the rain soaks in to a certain degree….

    Maybe Turf Fields for half of the Guilford County Schools and then the schools could have shared fields in the beginning…

    Smith has a bunch of Turf Fields for soccer, but I do believe that they are owned by the City of Greensboro, through the Parks and Recreation Department or by an arm of the Parks and Rec, in GUS…..Greensboro United Soccer….

    Just a few random thoughts….

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