Lamar Raynard(High Point Andrews) to start for N.C. A&T Aggies Saturday vs. Shaw/Former Andrews coach Craig Gill starting year 20 at Buckingham County in VA

Lamar Raynard(High Point Andrews High School) gets the call on Saturday at 6pm vs. Shaw at North Carolina A&T…
#7 Raynard, Lamar QB 6-4 176 RFr. High Point, N.C. (Andrews)

*****Congrats on the call/start and good luck on the calls Saturday for Lamar Raynard at N.C. A&T…A good young man with an excellent family background….*****

With eight straight trips to the postseason, winning is a tradition in Buckingham County under head coach Craig Gill.

“Coach Gill is the greatest coach that I’ve ever had,” said senior defensive end Michael Mabry. “I have a little piece of him in me. He loves all of us as his own sons. He’s a great coach, he really is.”

Senior C/DT Dyzhawn Perkins adds, “Coach Gill is great. He’s a legend here. He’s a legend in North Carolina, and a legend here.”

Gill has been coaching for forty years, with the last twenty on the Knights’ sidelines.

“I don’t know if I ever want to walk away,” says Gill. “I still get chill bumps. I still get excited about coaching. As long as I still get that feeling, I’ll still be here, as long as they’ll have me.”

*****Coach Gill has been fighting cancer over the past few years and he is fighting today and we hope to have more on this from Ben Holder this week and here is more of what we have so far and Coach Gill, is the real deal in his work at Buckingham County, in Virginia…from WVIR NBC TV 29…

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