Gate City Soup Bowl Set for Saturday with Greensboro College Pride hosting Guilford College Quakers at Jamieson Stadium(3 Canned Goods good for FREE Admission)

The Gate City Soup Bowl is set for Saturday night with the Greensboro College Pride hosting the Guilford College Quakers at Jamieson Stadium on, the Grimsley High School campus….

Local football at its finest, with tons of area players on these two squads and it always seems to be on of the “Games of the Year”, when these two schools get together in any sport….

Admission will be right around $5.00 and you can get in FREE when you bring three canned goods to the game, so load up and bring several cans of food, like beans, corn, tomatoes, soup, peaches, fruit cocktail, and more….Load up the cans and the competition is on, on the football field and there is also a competition to see which school/college can bring in the most canned goods….

Pork and Bean, vienna sausages, potted meat, greens, beans, soup and more, you know the drill….We are looking for some record-breaking numbers on the field and also at the gate with the number of canned goods and that will be a good thing for the Local Greensboro Urban Ministry and the Local Food Bank….

I’m hearing that Guilford is going to walk right past Greensboro College and bring in more canned goods, and then this morning I was hearing that Greensboro College was going to load up and bring in cans of CheerWine and that would them over the top….Canned goods and good for the community here…..

Saturday night with the kickoff coming at 7pm and this looks to be an offensive showcase when the Quakers and the Pride move inside Jamieson Stadium this Saturday….This is going to be good, Canned Goods and Good College Football to go with it…We will see you there on Saturday night and a good time/canned goods will be had by all, with Quakers and Pride set to settle the score and bring in more canned goods than ever in the history of this series…

We will be listing local players that you may know here later today at this post….

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