Friday Night Finish with maybe the wildest game of the night being the Ragsdale-NEG in OT’s and there were some wild ones

I am pouring over some of these scores and the games from Friday night and seeing 10-0 Southeast Guilford over Southern Guilford and then you see the Smith win at Western Guilford, 41-39 Eagles….Then there was the comeback by Northern Guilford, as the Nighthawks battled back to beat Northwest Guilford…This looked like it was going to be the year that NWG finally got the Nighthawks off of their back, but it looks as if the Vikings will have to live that “chip on their Shoulder” for another year…

NWG vs. Northern look for a long time like it might be the war of the 7’s with #7 Thomas Hennigan and #7 Tukcer Hord for Northern making some outstanding catches at their wide out spots and the run after the reception is what rally got the two number sevens going and when they got going, it was quite the show…

The opening drive of the second half turned the game in Northern’s favor, as the Hawks took the opening kickoff of half number two and drove it down the field for a touchdown and the took 8 and a-half minutes off of the clock in the process…The second half was the Miles Timmons and C.J. Freeman Show for Northern Guilford..Those tan the ball liked they owned it….

On our game broadcasts at Northern Guilford, Dennis White and I have never seen the Nighthawks lose…We have maybe seen them lose once in the past 8 years and that was a road game at Dudley, back when Kenan Allen was with Northern….They just don’t lose at home and they very rarely lose at all….Have never seen them lose a playoff game in person and they not many of those over the years…Page has at least two victories over Northern in recent years with one coming last week(2015) and the other coming back in the first game of the season in 2011, and that was the 4-AA State Championship year for Page…

Northwest does not need to go throwing out the playbook or jumping off of the Viking Ship into the deep water at Lake Higgins, stay the course….A lot of teams have lost to Northern and the it looks on the surface, Page and Dudley are the Guilford County teams to ever beat/defeat Northern…I remember one year, Western almost had then beat at WG, and then I think that same year, Northeast nearly tripped up the Nighthawks right before Kenan Allen took one to the house….Eastern Guilford had Northern dead to rights last at EG and the Nighthawks pulled it out of the fire….

It makes for an interesting run and the Nighthawks do not lose many games….Tonight was one of the few times I have ever picked against Northern prior to the game and I, like many others, felt that Northwest Guilford had a great chance to win this game, but Northern Guilford got the job done when it counted and NWG will be counting the days until these two teams get together again…It is good stuff and the series and the rivalry are good for Guilford County…

What about the Northeast Guilford Rams and the Ragsdale Tigers??? The might have been the wildest game of the night and it was played out on Hicone Road….Ragsdale 48, Northeast Guilford 42 in Double Overtime…..I can’t wait to see some of the game totals on this one….Should we go ahead and call this one the “Wildest Game of the Night”???

Page and Dudley both keep on rolling and we now only have three Unbeaten teams left in Guilford County with Dudley, Page and Southeast Guilford….Page hung another 50 points on the board tonight and Dudley was playing “Panther Time” on the loud speakers before Davie County could get up out of their seats to get off of the team bus….

I still want to see some of those totals from Ragsdale and Northeast Guilford….

Hard to put the real pulse on Southwest Guilford and it seems like more times that not that Ledford trips up SWG at this stage of the season…..HP Andrews got the win tonight and that was a real quick turnaround…Eastern Guilford is not at (3-1) with the Wildcats win over Raleigh Broughton….

Still just three Unbeatens remain and I will more on all of these games later on tonight….They just turned the lights out on me here at the McDonald’s and it is time to go home and hit the WiFi there….

The game is not over yet, we still have more ground to cover and we need to find out who got the most ground and the most air tonight….

Had never seen a kicker take a FREE kick for a field goal until tonight when Evan Reader tried one for Northern Guilford right before the half from 55 yards away…And he was off by much…It was a FREE kick field goal attempt on first down with NO rush and no need to block the other team….It was short to the right, but it was a decent kick…

More the games coming in the Midnight Hour….


  1. I can’t believe no one on this site has reported that Page won last night with their back-up quarterback playing the entire second half. Joe Hyde came off the bench and was 6-8 passing, and ran the offense well. Will Jones suffered what appeared to be a hairline fracture in his leg and will likely be out for the year. Terrible loss for the Pirates but they went to their bench and the back-up answered the call.

  2. NG, is that the reason for your smack down last Friday night against the superior PAGE??? Didn’t have ya BIG BOY PANTS ON???????

  3. Ricky who is your source that said jones is out for the season. Why would you saying something like that when you don’t know if it’s true?

  4. Really Page fans? Where have you guys been? Nobody has seen you guys since December 2011. You guys get excited about beating a 3A Football team now? Wow how things have changed since 2011. But its nice to know we can finally cancel the APB on all of you Pirate Fans. Most the HS Football Threads have been silent from your fans the last few years

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