Have you ever seen high school football players go after an official in a game? Two Texas players attack the referee(during game time) and they come right him:CRAZY

CLICK HERE if you can’t wait to see this before you get to the bottom of the pile…This is for piling on the referee is lucky to still be able to walk, if he can…..

I remember one time back in junior varsity football when I was going to block an opponent and I ended up mistakenly hitting the referee instead and it was a missed block for sure, but when you see this video, these two Texas high school football players, on the defensive side of the ball, go right after the official and one hits him from behind and the ref has no way to see the kid is coming after him and the other kid hits the official while he is on the ground and this is CRAZY, it is just hard to believe what took place here, but

CLICK HERE and see for yourself….Deadspin had it and I saw it at Ed Hardin’s twitter spot and you got this…On/from DeadSpin and the referee is lucky he is not dead or paralyzed….