Josh Wiliams with “The Janesh Football Recap” Week 3

Faith is the substance of things hoped for. This is for everyone who may be experiencing a tough start to the 2015 season. Just hold on. Your blessings are around the corner.

Our Recruiting Seminar, October 23rd (K – 8 athletes) and October 24th (9 – 12), is picking up some good traction. This seminar is designed for every athlete without a scholarship. Our goal is to educate about the college recruiting process while also focusing on an athlete’s transition into the real world. Parents are encouraged to come. We will discuss the recruiting process and where each age group currently stands in the
recruiting process. We will have all types of people there giving testimonies of their experiences. That’s just one aspect. We are also bringing in a few recruiting companies to give their input on the process.

Our goal is to make sure these kids, all of them, get access to proper recruiting knowledge. We don’t want to make people pay for knowledge that should be available for everybody. We are putting this on for free because we have encountered way too many families asking for discounts for our events and services. This means there are people who would love access to these basic things, they just don’t have the money. Long story short, we want each and every kid to get guidance on the most pivotal times of their life. So if you or your son haven’t yet earned a scholarship, come out to this and expand your vision for reality. We all have options and our job is make them visible for our athletes.

Your high school coach has been previously contacted about attending the event. If you have any further questions:
(919) 943-2572
October 23rd and 24th
Greensboro, N.C.

Friday Recap:
Our Friday night started off at Rio Grande with Western Guilford. We gave a pregame talk to their boys. Our main focus was getting them on a winning track. I hear they gave Smith a run for their money. The young team has potential and I look forward to when they turn the potential into results. The good thing is it only takes one win to spark them.

We covered the Ragsdale vs Northeast game this Friday. It started off with a bang. Ragsdale opened the game with an electric kick off return for a TD. Both teams with a ground and pound strategy went back and forth for a while. Ragsdale ended up outlasting Northeast in double over time. 48 – 42.

I was happy to see these teams slug it out. It seems that neither of these teams get taken seriously in talks about the top Triad programs. I wish the best to both programs for the remainder of the season.

Top Teams:
1. Dudley (56 – 14 over Davie)
2. Eastern Alamance (41 – 7 over Southern Alamance)
3. East Forsyth (24 – 21 over West Forsyth)
4. Page High (51 – 27 over High Point Central)
5. Northern Guilford (21 – 13 over Northwest Guilford)

Top Players:
1. CJ Freeman (Northern Guilford) 176 rushing with 2 TD’s
2. Connell Young (Dudley) 176 rushing and 3 TD’s
3. Christian Beal (East Forsyth) 153 rushing
4. Madison Cone (East Forsyth) 2 INT’s
5. John Lamot (Eastern Alamance) 328 total yards

Top Underexposed Performances:
1. Geoffrey Wall (High Point Central) 200 total yards
2. De’Shaun Taylor (High Point Christian) 268 yards with 3 TD’s
3. Christian Sarpy (Western Guilford) 147 receiving and 3 TD’s
4. Nigel Poole (Dudley) 13 tackles and 4 sacks
5. Eugene Shields (Eastern Guilford) 8 tackles and 2 sacks