The Janesh Report with Josh Williams:Week Four of the 2015 High School Football Season

I guess, we just have to trust that God has our best interest in hand. I’ve been hearing about so many struggles in this young 2015 season. I can’t answer all of the questions but I do know everything will be alright. ALL we can do is do our part here in the earth. Take the necessary steps here in the present. God has to take care of the rest. “For all things work together for good to them that love the Lord.”

Our Recruiting Seminar, October 23rd (K – 8 athletes) and October 24th (9 – 12), is picking up some good traction. This seminar is designed for every athlete without a scholarship. Our goal is to educate about the college recruiting process while also focusing on an athlete’s transition into the real world. Parents are encouraged to come. We will discuss the recruiting process and where each age group currently stands in the recruiting process. We will have all types of people there giving testimonies of their experiences. That’s just one aspect. We are also bringing in a few recruiting companies to give their input on the process.

Our goal is to make sure these kids, all of them, get access to proper recruiting knowledge. We don’t want to make people pay for knowledge that should be available for everybody. We are putting this on for free because we have encountered way too many families asking for discounts for our events and services. This means there are people who would love access to these basic things, they just don’t have the money. Long story short, we want each and every kid to get guidance on the most pivotal times of their life. So if you or your son haven’t yet earned a scholarship, come out to this and expand your vision for reality. We all have options and our job is make them visible for our athletes.

Your high school coach has been previously contacted about attending the event. If you have any further questions:
(919) 943-2572
October 23rd and 24th
Greensboro, N.C.

Friday Night Recap

This Friday we visited High Point Christian at Bishop McGuinness. There is talent lying among these private schools. HPC got the best of Bishop but the interesting thing was the fact that a random spectator wouldn’t be able to tell that these were two private schools. The passion is the same, the support is the same. I think where the difference is made is the depth of talent that constantly refuels these programs. For example, a 4AA school has enough athletes for a full JV and Varsity year in and out, where at a private school, a team must work with what they have. I know that High Point Christian utilizes 7th and 8th graders for their JV teams. So my hats go off to the coaching staffs of these programs. They have s task each year because they just don’t have the same talent as public schools.

Now let’s look at the perspective of the parents and players of private schools. Let’s say two kids have the dream of playing running back on the college level. One attends Northern Guilford the other attends High Point Christian. The kid at Northern Guilford plays only at running back. The kid at High Point Christian, on the other hand, plays both running back and cornerback because the team needs him to play both sides of the ball. (Not enough athletes to fill both sides) The kid at Northern received about 25 touches a game. The one at Northern suffers from chronic cramps and only about 10 touches a game because he is always tired from defense. In losing touches he loses the amount of opportunities he has to show college scouts what he can do. The lack of athletes also weigh on the players and their college football aspirations.

Moving on, I must say that when these kids graduate and obtain a degree from a private school, they will be ahead of the curve academically. College coaches know this. They know the prestige. Private school sports has become popular for basketball but is still developing for the sport of football. When these guys are looking to get recruited for college football, college coaches are looking at the level of talent that a kid will play each night. They evaluate you based upon the talent level. Let’s say you have two dominant receivers. Let’s take Mook Reynolds, former Northern Guilford star, up against Malik Streeter, former High Point Christian star. If you go back and look at both athlete’s high school film, they are both exciting and dominant. The only difference is that Mook played for state champions in Northern Guilford who also compete on the public school level. Malik played for High Point Christian, a private school program that only plays other private schools. Mook went to play at Virginia Tech and Maleek went to play for Bryant University. College coaches see Maleek’s film and are wowed just as they are when when they watch Mook’s. The only difference is who Northern Guilford lines up against every Friday.

Really quickly I wanted highlight De’Shaun Taylor, the Western Guilford transfer. He finished with a quiet 2 touchdowns and 140 yards. This kid is a two sport athlete and maintains a 4.5 GPA. Man, these kids are getting better and better. That’s a well rounded kid there.

Top Teams:
1. Dudley (34 – 13 over Durham Hillside)
2. Eastern Alamance (55 – 6 over McMichael)
3. East Forsyth (45 – 35 over Reagan)
4. Page High (42 – 6 over Ragsdale)
5. Northern Guilford (47 – 7 over Burlington Williams)

Top Players:
1. CJ Freeman (Northern Guilford) 171 rushing with 3 TD’s
2. Connell Young (Dudley) Over 200 total yards
3. Christian Beal (East Forsyth) 196 rushing with 4 TD’s Wake Forest Commit
4. John Lamot (Eastern Alamance) 7 total TD’s

Top Underexposed Performances:
1. Micah Gafford (Page) 168 yards rushing
2. Rayshawn Knight (Southern Guilford) 219 passing with 3 TD’s
3. Travis Steele (High Point Andrews) 155 rushing and 3 TD’s
4. Copeland Petitfils (High Point Christian) 12 tackles

And I can’t forget the headman, Andy, we appreciate your hard work!

– Janesh