I had never seen this before this evening and I also see $1.96 gas(Marathon) at the Food Rite Market this week

*****What’s Up with That, What’s Up with That, What’s Up with That, What’s Up with That, What’s Up with That?”……*****

I saw a white deer, yes totally white deer, at the Guilford College campus this evening and had never seen anything quite like that before….A white-tail deer maybe, but this doe, I guess it was, was all white…Just off of the exercise trail up above the lake at the Guilford College campus and I had not see any White Owls before I saw that all white deer….It was not a goat or a lamb, this was an all-White Deer….

You just never know what you might see out there on the trail with Mother Nature…

I also see gas now for $1.96 a gallon Today/Thursday at the Food Rite Market down on East Market Street…It was so crowded at the gas lines, back on Tuesday, I could not get a spot so I waited and got my gas for $2.04 a gallon out on West Friendly Avenue at the BP on the right hand side of the street, just before you get to Guilford College….The Marathon has the cars running in there in a hurry for the current #1.96 gas this week down on East Market Street….

A white deer and $1.96 gas in the same week, what is up with that and what will be up next???


  1. Ha, reminds me of the deer that tried to take part in the annual turkey bowl @ Guilford college a few years back.

  2. You know that is a good point, but I have now truthfully seen a white deer, saw one yesterday, but have yet to see a white turkey…

    That white deer still has me guessing/wondering even this morning….

    Wonder if the deer will turn tan or brown later on if it stays white???

    Gonna be tough to blend in among the woods and trees with that with that white complexion…

  3. The white deer is an albino, and are pretty rare.. They don’t change complexion, and are pretty sought after from hunters, so that’s another reason you don’t see them very much. I also saw gas for $1.96 a gal, it was this morning at the Kangaroo station at Yanceyville and Cone.

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