Sting may have suffered career-ending injury at WWE pay-per-view

Sting(Steve Borden) with a very sore back today, after taking a “BuckleBomb” from Seth Rollins at last night’s WWE Night of Champions pay-per-view….Sting/Borden was thrown into the corner turnbuckle be Rollins and word is; Sting is having major pain in his back today and will be under close watch over the next few days…

You are 56 years old and you just got thrown through a table and you were slammed back first into the corner turnbuckle and what are you going to do next??? Hope and pray that you can still move and that will be Sting’s next move on this Monday….

“Hope and pray”…Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer says it is a legit serious injury and that this could be Sting’s, “Last Ride” to the top and for Sting/Borden’s sake, I bet he would vote to make this his ‘Last Ride’ on the “BuckleBomb” and Sting might be just be ready to call it a career and that is what Dave is saying and they are backing that up at YahooSports and…..

CLICK HERE for more details and you better keep Sting on your list, he can not got back and recover what he missed an thatd was a “safe-landing” on Sunday night…The ‘Safe-Landing” in the Safe Harbor, nowhere to be seen…..

And in other wrestling news, Kurt Angle’s brother, Dave Angle, killed his wife this weekend…You just never know what is going to happen next….
Not to be confused with NXT, but that Angle angle(and not a ring angle, but a real murder), it has you saying, things have turned a little bit crazy up in the Pittsburgh area…