JV Football Finals and Varsity scores to go with them:Page, Smith, NG, SWG, NWG and HPC JV’s winning plus EG/SA/EA/Morehead Varsitys rolling(Need more SCORES!!!!)

JV Finals:
Northwest Guilford 35, Grimsley 14
High Point Central 27, High Point Andrews 6
Southwest Guilford 28, Southeast Guilford 24
Page 38, East Forsyth 6
Smith 52, Cummings 0
Northern Guilford 14, Western Alamance 10

Finals:Eastern Guilford Varsity 35, McMichael 6
Southern Alamance Varsity 41, Graham 20
Eastern Alamance Varsity 41, Williams 6
Morehead Varsity 38, Rockingham County 13

*****Still waiting to hear from:
Southern Guilford at North Forsyth
Ledford at Western Guilford
Bishop McGuinness at North Stokes*****


  1. East Forsyth’s JV had many fooled. The Pirates executed well tonight. Defense picked up where it left off last year. Pirates’

    I hope and wish the Pirates Varsity prevails tomorrow night.

    *Go Pirates….

  2. East Forsyth JV had many Fooled? Most JV kids are Freshman playing Football for the 1st time. Page and NW Fans actually think JV wins Matter! It’s just Practice people! Trust me the East Forsyth team you will see tomorrow will look nothing like their JV team.

  3. To Football Fan: WOW, sorry grapes huh? Let’s examine the “facts”!!! East Forsyth has some freshmen, but they are NOT the majoritiy of boys that make up the team. AND, JV DOES matter, as its used as a building tool for the day those young men make varsity. You got spanked…..put on your big girl panties and deal with it, instead of making excuses!!!

  4. c’mon Page Dad, Im a Page fan too, but this is exactly why people love to see Page lose, cuz we are always being arrogant when we win. Lets not be like that “other” school a little North of us that cant win with humility. Lets congratulate our opponents and pat our boys on the back. Humility and honor is something we gotta teach and live out.

  5. FacePalm. Nothing arrogant about my statement. I was simply stating facts. Head Coach told me about the freshmen to sophomore ratio, and I presented that fact. Football Fan was trying to minimize the importance of JV football, which his opinion of JV football being practice, is totally untrue, thus using his false facts to justify the loss last night. Using his example, if JV is practice for Varsity, then Varsity is practice for college, and college is practice for Pro ball. I would NEVER belittle a school, player or coaching staff. Knowing most NC High
    School football Head Coaches pretty well, it wouldn’t serve a valid purpose for me to do so.

  6. Open enrollment helps Forsyth County teams out. Imagine if Guilford County had open enrollment to students. Most student will come to Page, Dudley, and Northern.

  7. Solutiuon for all the open enrollment advantages and this and that. Just transfer to a private school and reclass and be 19 going on 20 when you graduate!!

  8. Forsyth county schools have open enrollment?

    Grimsley, Page, Dudley, and Northern would kill the rest of the state if that was a practice here.

  9. East Forsyth played well last year, so many players from Page believed the game this year would mirror 2014. My tone was neutral regarding the situation. EF called great plays. Their schemes made for an entertaining game.

    The criticisms of Page celebrating its JV are unfair. Why can’t winners have pride?

  10. PageDad…
    I am sitting here laughing hysterically at your comments. So many high fives to you. My husband coach’s for Page…it makes my heart happy to see them winning…and to have devout fans like yourself.


  11. Glad y’all enjoyed your JV practice win so much…..I bet East fans are enjoying that Friday win a little bit more. As far as open enrollment goes its not as easy as it sounds. Each team may lose one maybe two kids a year and there is a long process to make it happen. Then don’t forget about the state 365 rule for transferring without moving. Most kids in Forsyth schools don’t have money that Page Northern and NW do so you really dont see as many transfers as you in GCS think. If you add it up I bet Guilford county has more transfers than Forsyth.

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