This could be the BIGGEST high school football player that we will see this season

Isaiah Little, over at Dudley High School, is one of the biggest high school football players that I have ever seen, but here is the kid that might just be the BIGGEST player on the field at any level this season….Bigger than any high school, college or pro players….

John Krahn is probably the world’s biggest football player.

The 7-foot, 440-pounder is a senior at King (Riverside), in the Inland Empire area of Southern California. According to his head coach, Kevin Corridan, Krahn goes by the nickname “Junior.”

Krahn was 6 feet tall in sixth grade, and was 6-foot-5 when he entered high school. As a 6-8, 330-pound sophomore, he cracked the varsity roster but recorded no statistics.

Since then Krahn has grown another four inches. MaxPreps believes he is the tallest player on a high school football roster this season.

He is taller than any player to ever play in the NFL, and is roughly the same size as WWE superstar Big Show.

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