Monday Night Football – Cancellations Everywhere(East Forsyth tops Page 31-30)

— UPDATED – Friday 3:10 PM —
Games being moved to Monday
High Point Central(2-3) vs. High Point Andrews(3-1) at Simeon Stadium – Monday at 7 PM
Southeast Guilford(3-1) at Southwest Guilford(2-3) – Monday at 7 PM
Northern Guilford(3-1) at Western Alamance(4-1) – Monday at 7 PM
Grimsley(2-3) at Northwest Guilford(3-1) – Monday at 7 PM
North Forsyth(1-3) at Southern Guilford(3-2) – Monday at 7 PM
Burlington Cummings(0-5) at Smith(1-3) – Monday at 7 PM
Western Guilford(0-5) at Ledford(4-1) – Monday at 7 PM
North Stokes(3-2) at Bishop McGuinness(2-3) – Monday at 7 PM
Randleman (1-2) at Thomasville (1-3) – Monday at 7 PM
Central Davidson (0-5, 0-0 Mid-Piedmont 3-A) at Southwestern Randolph (2-3, 0-0) – Monday at 7 PM

Tuesday Game
Jordan-Matthews (1-4) at Eastern Randolph (2-3)

Games Still On for Friday
Page(5-0) at East Forsyth(5-0)
Glenn(3-2) at North Davidson(4-0)
Asheboro(3-1) at Providence Grove(2-3)
Trinity (3-2) at East Davidson (2-3)
Wheatmore (1-3) at West Davidson (2-3)

Games Played Thursday with Results
Eastern Guilford(4-1) – 36 at McMichael(2-4) – 6 played Thursday
Eastern Alamance 41, Williams 6
Morehead 38, Rockingham County 13
Southern Alamance 41, Graham 20


  1. Looks like most of the Monday games will be at 7pm, although the Northern at Western Alamance game was listed for 7:30 Monday and our NG contact LeAnne Wade may know more, plus here is some news coming in direct from the AD’s…

    from Derek Anderson, the AD at High Point Andrews…
    The TW Andrews vs HP Central game has been postponed to Monday Night September 28th. The gates will open at 5:30 pm game start at 7:00 pm. All pre-sale tickets will be accepted on Monday. Pre-Sale tickets can be purchased today and Monday from 12-2 pm at the main offices at Andrews & Central High Schools…

    from John Hughes, the AD at Northwest Guilford HS…
    Today’s varsity football game at Northwest Guilford vs. Grimsley has been postponed.
    The game will be made up on Monday, September 28th at 7pm at Northwest Guilford HS.

    from Bob Sutton at the Burlington Times-News:
    Bob Sutton @tnBobSutton
    Area school system(Alamance County) announces that the Cummings HS football game at Greensboro Smith has been moved to 7:30 p.m. Monday.

    from Joe Sirera @JoeSireraNR
    Make that 7 p.m. on Monday’s Cummings-Smith football game, per Smith AD Rod McCullough.
    Joe Sirera with the News and Record’s HSSports XTRA….

    from Shawyn L. Newton Athletic Director at Southeast Guilford High School:
    Please note that tonights football game has been postponed for tonight. We will play at SW Guilford on Monday at 7pm.

    from Brindon J. Christman Athletic Director at Southwest Guilford High School:
    SEGHS vs. SWGHS Friday Football Game Cancelled:

    Due to safety concerns and deteriorating field conditions at SWGHS, tonight’s varsity football game vs. SE Guilford HS has been postponed to Monday at 7 PM. This will still be a home game for SEGHS played at SWGHS.

    from Twitter at HS XTRA at the News and Record site:
    East Forsyth High @EFeagles
    Tonight’s game with Page WILL BE PLAYED! Kickoff set for 7:30pm.

  2. Hi Andy and all – the current information I have from the coaches is 7:30 pm. Could be because of travel time between schools. Will advise if anything changes.

  3. A reminder on Tonight games:

    East Forsyth High @EFeagles
    Tonight’s game with Page WILL BE PLAYED! Kickoff set for 7:30pm.

  4. Page at East Forsyth game will be available on 600AM WSJS and on 1320AM WCOG with Spencer Turkin and his crew with the call of the game…..

    Good way to follow the game and we will also be looking to get updates here on the site for you by of the broadcast and….

  5. Dudley/ Richmond postponed to Monday at 7. So everyone head over to East Forsyth for the game with Page! This is great!!

  6. Can’t wait for the game tonight! Even with weather it will be absolutely PACKED. One of those games I wish we could get broadcast on ESPN3 or ESPNU!

  7. please keep the Page vs East Forsyth updates rolling in. I couldn’t make the game…my husband is a coach!
    Thank you!

  8. I am so sad I could not be there, two sick babies and the rain is not a good mix. I totally appreciate these incredible updates.

  9. I will be interested to watch that OB call tomorrow. Thank you for all the updates…so so sad.

  10. Refs really ruined this game. Diondre Overton should have had the winning TD. just hope the media doesn’t ignore that fact. TERRIBLE reffing.

  11. Long Page pass picked off and James Ellis was tripped up and no call there…23 Seconds remain and EF ball on their own 2-yard line….31-30 East at their own 2-yard line…

    East Forsyth wins it 31-30….

    Diondre Overton called out of bounds and James Ellis tripped up, a couple of close calls at the end with the game on the line….One good ball game by both teams…

  12. I am dying to see the film. I am waiting for the sad call from my sweet coach. Interested to hear what he thinks of reffs

  13. Don’t think I’ll get over this one easy. The fact that East fans have been very rude to me the past four years they’ve won doesn’t help.

    See you in the playoffs when it really matters I guess. That time the referees won’t blow it.

  14. Page did not get in field goal range…The Overton play would have been the game-winning TD….

    Page battled back and played hard all night long and East deserves credit for hanging on to get the win…Two big interceptions late by East…

  15. Must say some excellent kicking/punting by Harrison Kiser for Page tonight…One of his punts went out of bounds on the East Forsyth 1/2-yard line…All of his kicks were great, but his punts were almost out of this world tonight…

    No doubt , Harrison Kiser is one of the top kickers in the state and we need to get him on that Shrine Bowl team….

  16. They might of had that call at the end go East way. What about the fumble early on the bad snap when East was up. The QB from page jumped on the ball and never recovered it. The calls were equally bad for both teams so don’t blame the refs for the outcome. It was a Great HS Football game for those who stayed at home you missed a good one. Congrats East on a big win. I was really impressed with all the fans that did show up. Page Dudley will be a fun game to watch!

  17. There was a lot of talk about the Fumble call….Sounded like that one could have benefited Page…

    Also Harrison Kiser did hit on a 30-yard field goal for Page and does have a strong foot/leg….

  18. Gfan we know your a Grimsley fan. That’s about all you have to cheer about better hope page Doesn’t score a 100 on yall which it will be a big blow out and I hope they don’t let off the gas. Now for sorry refs they should be a shame of themselves they were absolutely pathetic. To call themselves refs is an understatement. They should never officiate another game. You can’t call someone out of bounds 20 yards behind the player and you can’t even see the play the catch or feet in bounds. The side judge was calling td and he couldn’t call it and asked the official he just says out of bounds. Then ef dB shoves page player and intercepts ball on the one really? Worse officials I ever seen. You got hosed tonight page. Pancake block on a lineman they call holding. Horrible calls all night.

  19. Last years Dudley/Page game was a blow out with Dudley winning 49-7. This year will be different with Page playing well and a young Dudley team playing well. Dudley will have a little bit easier path to a state title because they stay at 4A and Page moves up to 4AA because of enrollment rules. Page will have to beat either Mallard Creek or Butler out of Charlotte. Mallard Creek #10 in the Country! I would like to see several titles out of Guilford County this year. Lets go Teams!!!!

  20. Just like Page Fans to complain about the refs when they lose. If not for the refs keeping y’all in the game East may have won by two or three scores. Every time the East RBs would get something going the refs would flag them for holding so just chill on all that talk about Refs missing the last call. Oh and what about the Fumble that your QB rolled over and the refs said he was down when East Clearly had the ball…Like I said if not for the refs East wins easily by two or more! Get over it Page fans

  21. Yep, I was there too. The refs were bad on both sides of the field I thought. Every time East busted a big run there seemed to be some kind of holding call…true. The fumble was clearly a fumble and the ref ruled #15 down for Page when he clearly rolled right over the ball and the East defender picked it up. The catch at the end both refs were out of place and it was too close to call. I was on that side of the field and it looked like #14 foot was on the line and he was out. Too bad we don’t have the video and challenge system like the NFL does. I still can’t believe he actually almost made the catch cause the ball was so far out of bounds. I guess it helps being 6’5″

    All in All great HS football game!

  22. Like I said every time you lose its the refs or something. Every time you win it’s we’re the greatest team in the State! I was there an if not for all the mistakes East made and the calls the refs had to keep you in it they beat you by 14 points easy! Just wait East was the Easy Part. When y’all see those D-Boyz you will get that beat down then take your first rd exit after you go on the road to Charlotte in the first rd! HAHAHA! D-Boyz own the Metro and you know it!

  23. Yes the refs made bad calls on both teams, but East wouldn’t won by two tds D-boyz. I was there to, yes Will fumbled, but we don’t know if East would have scored, Page defense had started playing good. The catch by Overton was close and it looked like he drug one foot, but I couldn’t tell if the other one to touched in bounds. Hopefully Page won’t think about Dudley until it’s time to play them and take it one game at a time,but isee D-boyz have Page on their mind. So D-boyz sounds y’all are a little worried over there, the kids i talked to said they’re not thinking about Dudley right now, all I can say we’ll see when the time comes.

  24. Dudley has the same strength of schedule every year. Our Coach has the Panthers ready for the big games.Look at our strength of schedule in championship games Kannapolis Brown,Charlotte Catholic, Scotland….all those teams were former champs when we beat them.Regular season SOS may matter to some fans, but not all fans

  25. That count to 8 comment was very uncalled for. That’s the perception you have of Dudley. Sickening. It’s hard to get a non conference schedule when no one will agree to play you. Page is a VERY good team. Dudley has played Hillside who everyone thought was another good team being they only lost to state champion, Southern Durham. Trust me, Dudley is not thinking about Page. Richmond County is in our sights

  26. Dudley has beat some team that were good in the past,look at how good Indpendance in the past. Now Mallard Creek is the team to beat down in Charlotte and Dudley is the team around this areabut remember a team can be beat,some may blame the refs,but it’s how the kids play.

  27. You’re right you need to have one foot down. Not two feet out of bounds like he did when he caught it. Right call by the refs give it a break Page!

  28. In the end a great game and it should help both teams as they move further along in their seasons…

    We learned one for sure, both Page and East Forsyth are very good football teams….

  29. I was at the game and this is my assessment… Page doesn’t seem healthy on defense(lots of subs) and Leake seemed off as well,right now, the defense did not play well early, but made the necessary adjustments. Will Jones did not have his best game. I thought EF defense played very well and their offense was ok, with big plays from #1 and #2. I would love to see these two play again in the playoffs. Not Pages best game last night.

  30. Yes, Overton had one foot in you can see where he drug it, everyone was taken pictures of it after the game. If you wrer there and saw then you would know. But it’s over can’t change it, so like the coach to his players last night, let’s move on and prepare for the next game. I don’t know why the coaches didn’t have them try to get in fg range.

  31. JLS:

    Because the coaches spend 7 days a week planning out their decisions to best suite what is taking place on the field with the players they have to work with. If you feel you can make better decisions than the current coaches do, I would love to see you work your full time position, then dedicate 4pm-9pm Monday-Wednesday, 4pm-12am Thursday, 4pm-2am Friday, your Saturday to grading film, and Sunday meeting with the other coaches to plan your strategy for the upcoming week. If you do not have that kind of time to dedicate, then by all means, consider te fact that the coaches are doing their best to make these teams succeed. Dont you dare put down the coaches decisions.

  32. Some of you guys are really funny…… Did Will fumble or was his knee down…. Ok say he fumbled…. What about East QB throwing the ball from his knees and picking up a 1st down…….. The flags where being thrown on both sides like crazy!!! And to say East would have beat us by 2 TDs is a JOKE!! D-Boyz you have me cracking up over here….. You say ya’ll run the metro…. You’ve beat Page 2yrs in a row that’s it!!! If you call that running the metro what do call from 1979 until the early 2000’s…….. Page didn’t loose to Dudley for 27 straight years starting from 1979 that I know that to be a fact and it was probably longer than that and in the 1990’s and the 2000’s you can count on 1 hand how many times Dudley has beat Page. As far as an early exit in the playoffs for page, if ya’ll want to impress me count All your students in the Academy and come play that Big Boy football with them 4AA teams…. In saying all that I think Dudley has a Great Team And A Great Coach who just happened to be on the coaching staff at Page…… Go figure!! And Coach Kirby and Coach Starling think a lot of Coach Davis and love seeing his program win!!!!!! I myself can’t wait for Oct 30th 2 great teams with some very talented players on both teams!!!

  33. Proud Pirate,

    Dudley does count the academy kids in its population. So you have no clue what you are talking about. Truth is Dudley is one of the smallest schools in the state in 4A. There is a good chance that Dudley will be back in 3A soon. And you talk about play with the big boys Huh. U must have forgotten the last time Richmond County won the state we beat them in the regular season. Page is having a good year I can’t take nothing away from them.

  34. One more comment… I think it was awesome that the coaches and ADs decided to play that game last night. Our young men need more challenges with adversity and overcoming tough obstacles. Football is one of the last teaching grounds for this skill set. Those boys were awesome last night handling the tough weather conditions and stress of a big game. Hats off the Page and East Forsyth! With all the divisive issues in our society, we should look to these examples of teamwork for hope and inspiration.

  35. East was the better team….at the end of the day if we win out we still go into the playoffs 10-0. So basically the game doesn’t matter other than bragging rights. Good luck East Forsyth! Hope to see you guys again in the playoffs

  36. I was thinking the same thing Big Joe! Those young men battled all night. It’s a shame that one team had to lose. For all the fans on here complaining about calls relax! AWESOME GAME! Good luck to both teams!

  37. I made the trip out to K-Vegas cause the Vikings were off. All I know is Christian Beal is the real deal! It was a fun game to watch

  38. I think one reason that East wanted to get that game in last night was because it was their Homecoming…East had a lot of people in town for the game and it is good thing that they didn’t play it tonight/Saturday, it is a mess terrible out there right now..

    Excellent game and lots of D1 talent and all kinds of future college talent all over that field…

    Got a good one going on today in Greenville with former Page QB James Summers leading East Carolina to a 21-14 halftime lead over Virginia Tech…

    James is running that ball for ECU like a wild man and had one TD already…Now with 2 TD runs and game is on ABC TV45 LIVE…James with over 100 yards rushing…

    It is a very good process, we see and hear the kids on Friday night and then many move on to the next level and we get to follow them there too and we have a lot to proud of and thankful for when you look at the talent in and around Guilford, Forsyth, Alamance, Davidson, Rock., Randolph etc…

    Enjoy it while it is here and it will be time for Sunday football before you know and the Panthers will need your support…

    Support your local teams and talent and Dudley vs. Page/Page vs. Dudley will be one to look forward to, but one the best things of it is they will both be in the playoffs and working toward State Titles….4-AA and 4-A…

    Even though it is raining, it is a good day to be a sports fan…..

  39. Mrs.FootballCoachWife, I’m sorry if you took what i said wrong, but i eas responding to someone else question. I played football so i know there’s alot of things that the Coaches go through preparing for a game, i only said i don’t know why they didn’t try to get in fg range, so think before you make a comment.

  40. The East Page game is what HS Football is all about. Two teams battling in the rain and it coming down to the last play. Even after the INT and the refs marking the defender down at the 1 East still had to get the ball out of the end zone. The Hard Count by Coach Willert was a great call getting the defender from Page to jump. That game was literally the best High School game I’ve seen in this area in sometime. Now the games start to count as Conference time is right around the Corner! Good Luck to all the teams from the Triad. Lets go take it to Charlotte!!!

  41. JLS…….wow, you’ve played high school football. Your name isn’t Al Bundy by chance is it? You score 4 TD’s in a single game? How’s the shoe store?

    Not sure who MrsFootballCoachesWife is, but I can honestly say how glad and proud I am to have my son at Page and playing football. Coach G and his staff are great, and the IB program is unmatched!!!!

  42. PageDad what are you saying, just bc I said I played and know what the coaches go through prepare for a game, o have a relative that plays for Page, and I wasn’t saying anything bad about the coach. Again I was responding to someone else comment, so again read and think before you make a comment.

  43. This has been a good topic and it was a great game on Friday night with Page at East Forsyth..

    Now might be a good time for us to give this one a rest and to give everyone a chance to get zoned in for a good Sunday….

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