Friday Night Scoring Desk – Monday Edition – September 28, 2018

Update # 8 – 10:35 PM

Richmond County(5-1) – 14
Dudley(5-1) – 12

High Point Central(2-3) – 6
High Point Andrews(3-1) – 48

Southeast Guilford(4-1) – 21
Southwest Guilford(2-4) – 13

Northern Guilford(3-2) – 21
Western Alamance(5-1) – 36

Grimsley(2-4) – 7
Northwest Guilford(4-1) – 21

North Forsyth(1-4) – 6
Southern Guilford(5-2) – 57

Burlington Cummings(1-5) – 18
Smith(1-4) – 14

Western Guilford(0-6) – 7
Ledford(5-1) – 54

North Stokes(4-2) – 15
Bishop McGuinness(2-4) – 12

Thomasville – 13
Randleman – 0

Friday Games
Page(5-1) – 30
East Forsyth(6-0) – 31

Glenn(3-3) – 21
North Davidson(5-0) – 31

Asheboro(4-1) – 12
Providence Grove(2-4) – 0

Trinity (3-3) – 14
East Davidson (3-3) – 17

Wheatmore (2-3) – 55
West Davidson (2-4) – 24

Thursday Games
Eastern Guilford(4-1) – 36
McMichael(2-4) – 6

Eastern Alamance 41
Williams 6

Morehead 38
Rockingham County 13

Southern Alamance 41
Graham 20

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Our Game One of the Week – Richmond County at Dudley – Re-Broadcast at GreensboroSports Radio (Stream 1) with Andy Durham and Dennis White.

Our Game Two of the Week – High Point Central at High Point Andrews – Re-Broadcast at GreensboroSports Radio (Stream 2) With Kris Walser and Coach Darryl Steele.


  1. Dudley fans was doing alot of trash talking Friday night after Page took a L and look what happened tonight lol hahahah

  2. The head cheerleader for Western Alamance was in the announcer booth on the P A auditioning for an ESPN job!


    Prayers for Tucker Hord ankle injury!

  3. I wonder was it the refs ? Hmmmm. The trash talking about page losing to east now what’s the excuse for losing to Rc? Dboyz out the building . Lmao. Careful for your comments I see it came back on you. Karma. I know I know what if??????????? That’s funny.

  4. I love the hype leading up to the Page and Dudley I hope neither team loses again until they play each other. Let’s go Page Pirates. #RedDeath

  5. We ain’t running or hiding Richmond was better tonight! We still gonna Smash Page! D-Boyz still run the Metro. We still your Daddy Page and you know it!

  6. Looks like Northern’s reign as the best team in 3A is over. I really think this will be Coach Roscoe’s last year and from the looks of it there is not much talent at all after this years squad.

  7. With Northern losing Hord it will be all CJ. If Hord is out for a long period of time Northern could be in a lot of trouble.

  8. Real Dudley fans don’t talk like D-Boyz or who ever the heck that is. We know Page is good and we respect them. The Weather had a lot to do with tonight’s loss. Not blaming it all on it cause Richmond had to play in it too. I think this loss will motivate our team to come back and play harder. It will show our coaches our weakness and we’ll fix them. GO PANTHERS!

  9. Dudley played with 6 key starters out. Tough to lose key players and 3 fumbles in a game. Good Richmond County win.

  10. Prior to tonight, Dudley had not lost on the field, since November 12, 2012, 36-26 vs. North Davidson…

    Thirty straight wins prior to the loss tonight….Somebody was asking, so I went back to MaxPreps to look it up…

    Nice run, but time to start a new one, if you are Dudley and the Panthers will learn from this loss…

  11. Congrats to Dudley with players out hurt on almost coming back to win tonight on a good 4AA Richmond County team. Dudley had not seen that kind of speed on both sides of the ball until tonight. Tough lost young men but that is why you play the top teams like Richmond which is 4AA. Words of wisdom, with the success this program have had over the years, remember you are considered the team to beat and you have to be ready for everyones’ best game! Richmond County have been waiting 3 years to get back at ya for messing up their perfect season 3 years ago.

  12. That was what High School Football is all about. Two high powered teams going at it in the rain and the entire game came down to the last possession. Sound familiar? The kids from Dudley did a great job last
    night in a very tough loss to a very good Richmond County Raider Football team. Injuries, bad weather, bad snaps, and turnovers are a recipe for a loss. I’m sure the young men and coaching staff can get two of those issues corrected. As for the Int at the end of the game… I heard a lot of rumbling that that was a bad play call. Maybe so but I give the coaches the benefit of the doubt because the fake punt at the end of the 2nd quarter was a great play call. This loss will definitely be a motivating factor as we go into Conference play.

    Dudley did not get scored on after the 1st quarter (no team has put up more than 14pts on the Panthers this season)

    The back up Center had a rough night snapping, I saw at least 5 high snaps over the 6’4″ QB’s head.

    Dudley has a kicker, this game could have been won with a field goal.

    The Panthers are a very gritty team that was never beaten mentally.

    Bye week this week hopefully some kids get healthy and
    we make the adjustments necessary to insure continued success.

    GO PANTHERS!!!!!!

  13. Let’s continue to keep Tucker Hord, the injured Northern Guilford player from last night’s game at Western Alamance, in our thoughts today…He got hurt bad and let’s hope he is doing OK today…

    Injured Dudley players Jayden Maynor was back with the Panthers after hurting his hand in the Durham Hillside game a couple of weeks back..Good to see Maynor back last night….

  14. thats a great way to put last nights game. not throwing any thing negative towards what you said but page had the same problems with the help from the bad refs. people need to understand when you play teams from outside the county we should pull for our teams even if you dont like them . guilford county has some ballers in the county on every team in the county i wished page and dudley would have beat both of those teams , that gives the county room to talk a little harmless trash. but to put 2 schools against each other thats going to represent the county well is not good that includes ng,se and others. its going to be a battle between dudley and page and se hopefully when the dust clears you can shake hands pat each other on the back and say good luck in the playoffs we are pulling for you lets keep it in the county. whats so hard about that? nobody outside county wants to see page or dudley on the road those flags seem to drop for no apparent reason against our teams go figure you want get a fair shake . coach from page and dudley no one wants to see them win it again outside this county they have respect great coaches and they can coach everyone wants to beat them so show your county teams some love when they play outside the area . its only fair its us against everyone else. peace

  15. This maybe the worst Western Guilford team in the History of the school. It was a real bad move on the schools part to have Causey move to AD 4 Days before the start of the season. I’m sorry but that should’ve been an interim Head Coaching position until the end of the season when they could open the job. In my opinion nothing will change unless Causey takes a step back brings in someone with a legit resume and let him run the entire program. There is no reason why that team should be as bad as they are. The players deserve better! Looking at the numbers they are giving up an average of 48 Points per game and they’re scoring an average of 14 points per game. That is all around bad and some changes need to be made this off-season!

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