Wilmington Laney-Topsail High School Football Game ends with a big-time brawl and this one is very active

Wilmington Laney vs. Topsail High School football game and they had to stop the game to break up the brawl/fight and this one really gets out of hand with fists and bodies flying all over the place and you can check it out when you:

CLICK HERE for WECT Channel 6 in Wilmington, N.C.
(Not sure if they ever finished the game, but it sure got hairy in a hurry here.)
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from Brian Barnes on Twitter with the Carolina GridIron News:
Brian Barnes
Sep 29
@gsosports game was finished. Only had a short stoppage to figure out penalties.
+++++More from WRALSportsFan.com:
Laney was driving down the field in the third quarter when the brawl started. According to WECT, Laney quarterback Travone Green was body slammed to the ground after the whistle was blown, sparking the brawl.
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  1. Fighting is not the way to solve anything. At the same time when you are part of a team that team becomes like a family, and what do you do when someone attacks a family member you step up to protect or help them. That is what The Laney Bucs did last night…..so how can anyone hold it against them. That quarterback did not deserve to be done that way…he could have been hurt really bad. The Laney Team did what they felt like they had to do, and that was to protect the heart of the team and that being their quarterback. I do not like violence but I do believe in protecting yourself and your Family….

  2. This is not local sports news. Why even talk about it much less put up a video. The media just adds to this behavior. We don’t need it covered.

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