‘The Old Ball Coach’ says so long:Steve Spurrier retiring immediately at South Carolina

70 year-old Steve Spurrier is calling it quits and he is retiring immediately as the head football coach at the University of South Carolina and after four straight losses, it has all become too much for the ‘The Old Ball Coach’ to take….

Spurrier had success at South Carolina and he had success at Duke University too, taking the Blue Devils to the ACC Title back in 1989 behind names like Randy Cuthbert, Ben Bennett and others….

Spurrier is gone and many are saying he stayed around too long….

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from ESPN.com and here is what Spurrier was saying about this time last year, in 2014:
Spurrier, fed up with age questions and critics suggesting his best coaching days were behind him, went on the offensive before this season began.

“We were 11-2 and ranked fourth in the country this time a year ago, and nobody said a damn word about my age,” Spurrier said. “Now, a year later, I’m suddenly too old, and we’re on our way down.