Doing it the right way:Josh Williams(Janesh) 2015 Guilford College graduate is making a difference

*****Interview One-on-One format from the Guilford College Quakers Athletics Web Site with Josh Williams, a young man that is making a difference in our community….*****


What were some key reasons you decided to attend Guilford?

It was senior year of high school. I didn’t have any scholarship opportunities to get my education paid for in exchange for playing football. Coach (Chris) Barnette ’07 came to visit me one day after school and sold me on Guilford. There were other factors, but coach Barnette’s persistence made the difference. Coach Barnette now coaches at North Carolina A&T State.

What were some factors that helped you realize the success you enjoyed as a student at Guilford?

I can tell when I see the way people perceive me out in the real world. When I speak and interact with new people, they can tell I was cultured a little differently than the normal person. Nothing to do with sports, it’s just the environment that Guilford creates.

What have you been up to since you left Guilford?

While in school I started an organization (Janesh) to improve the mental development of young athletes. There are a few other members working with me now, but we are starting to get a very respective response from the community.

How has Guilford prepared you for where you are today?

I can explain by quoting Guilford’s core values: Community, Diversity, Equality, Excellence, Integrity, Justice, and Stewardship

Like I said, people notice how you handle yourself. This is how I have been taught for the past four years. These very principles are why people take me in so easily. So as I try to network and build alliances, I already have a good personality, which is a plus when working with important people. People do business with people they like. I can credit this to Guilford.

What about your experience as a Guilford student-athlete has helped you the most?

The character-building that college football brings has groomed me into a humble individual. That meek personality has spilled over into my personal life and has paved the way for me to get my way with things out in the world.

What do you miss most about Guilford?

Well, I haven’t able to replace the feeling of taking the field before a football game, the feeling where you’re pretty much willing to give up your life for your brothers. I miss the feeling of needing to pray for safety before games. I haven’t felt that feeling since my last game. I’m still searching for it. So I guess that pregame preparation moment.

What are your future plans?

People always ask this, but my true goals in life are to become a good husband and a good father. When it’s all said and done, that’s what I want.

What is one thing a high school student-athlete considering college needs to know?

Have a plan of who you want to become outside of an athlete! You’ll get the most out of the college experience if you take those 4-5 years preparing yourself for the real world.

Identify and describe one or two of your favorite moments or experiences while at Guilford.

I would have to say my last “Lift-A-Thon” for sure. It was cool having people watch you doing sports related things outside of the games. Parents, former players, classmates all came to support the team. It was a beautiful experience.

– Josh Williams ’15