Quick Notes tonight on Page-Grimsley, Southwest Guilford and Jalen Seegars(High Point Christian Academy)

*****Quick notes coming at you tonight with a scan or two of the net and stops along the way…*****

Joe Sirera reporting over at the News and Record HS Xtra site the final attendance number for the Page-Grimsley football game comes in at 7,033…Go to www.greensboro.com for more…
High School Xtra CLICK HERE

Also the word coming is that Tom Parker, the public address announcer for Southwest Guilford football and baseball has been named the top PA man in the nation for high school sports…Tom Parker has won the Bob Sheppard Award, named in honor of the former New York Yankees public address announcer of the same name, Bob Sheppard…We have had several Top Baseball PA man votes in recent years here at the site and Tom Parker always finishes up at the top as the top man on high school baseball PA man position…Congrats to Tom Parker, on a job well done….

This word from Rick Lewis by way of Twitter coming in at the Phenom Hoops Report site:

HC Brandon Clifford(High Point Christian Academy) has informed @PhenomHoops that NC State has begun actively recruiting 6’5 Jalen Seegars.
It was a great year last year for Jalen while he was at Page and now he is with HPCA and we have been on this kid’s trail since back in the days when was with Greg Thompson, down at Southern Guilford…Seegars is some kind of talent and a great kid every day of the week….Good luck to him, as he makes his choice on which college he will attend…..