Greensboro Trophy now OPEN and READY!!!!!

Greensboro Trophy is now OPEN and READY to serve you at 201 Pomona Drive, Suite C and new owner Roberto/Bobby Cruz, has taken over from former owner Norb Burske and Mr. Cruz is now working to take the former Crown Trophy company to a whole new level as Greensboro Trophy….

Call Roberto Cruz at 851-1011, you’ll be calling the same number from back in the Crown Trophy days, but now we have the brand new Greensboro Trophy….

Call Mr. Cruz if you win or lose and find that best trophy, plaque, medallion, ribbon or other awards and they will be coming your way at Greensboro Trophy…..

Greensboro Trophy, Mr. Cruz will not snooze, he has paid his dues and is hoping you will spread the news about then new Greenboro Trophy….Don’t get caught singing the blues, call Mr. Cruz at 851-1011/207-2513 on cell, or go by and see Mr. Cruz at 201-C Pomona Drive here in Greensboro, between Spring Garden and West Market Streets, again on Pomona Drive….

Mr. Cruz will be looking for yous guys and women toos says Mr. Cruz and come on over today to/at Greensboro Trophy……

*****Who had/made the best stews??? Just tell Mr. Cruz and he can make them a trophy for their cooking success and it will be ready soon, from Greensboro Trophy…..*****