Graham Sporting Goods JV Football Tonight:Dudley(7-1) tops Page(8-1), SG(10-0) past Ledford(W’s for Smith, SEG, SWG, HP Central, HP Andrews. WA, EA, A’boro, EF, UNC and ?)

$$$$$All scores from the JV games last night are in.$$$$$
*****Side note/football footnote…Final:North Carolina 26, Pittsburgh 19…UNC at (7-1)
Varsity Final:East Forsyth 48, Ragsdale 14…East Forsyth now at (10-0)
JV Football Finals:
Dudley 26, Page 6
Dudley improves to (7-1) and (4-0) in the Metro and Page falls to (8-1/3-1)…
Southern Guilford 24, Ledford 7
Southern Guilford wins over Ledford and for the Storm that takes them to (10-0) and concludes a perfect season for the Southern Guilford Storm Junior Varsity Football team…We have gone looking for that Final score…
Smith 26, Southern Alamance 22
Smith Golden Eagles showing promise and improvement…
High Point Central 34, Glenn 18
Western Alamance 33, Northeast Guilford 28
NEG stopped at the WA 3-yard line on fourth-and-goal with 3 minutes to play and NEG was up at the time 28-26 and then WA drove the ball the length of the field/97 yards, to score and get the win and NEG now at (6-2) on the season…
Southeast Guilford 34, Grimsley 20
Big meeting next Thursday night with SEG at Dudley…
Southwest Guilford 21, Northwest Guilford 13
That win should put SWG at (7-2) on the season…
High Point Andrews 28, Wheatmore 0
Eastern Alamance 34, Eastern Guilford 20
Northern Guilford 30, McMichael 12
Asheboro 28, Western Guilford 0
AHS finishes 6-3 on the season, 4-1 in the conference behind Southern Guilford. AHS season is done as Central Davidson does not have a JV team.
(Courtesy of AHS Coach Owen George)


  1. I must say I am a little surprised at the Dudley/Page score. Had an opportunity to watch both teams play this year and had both teams going into tonights game 50/50. Good win for the Panthers. But, Dudley’s JV play stingy defense like the varsity team. Solid program(s)the Panthers have at the school.

  2. Page’s I-formation worked well for Dudley tonight. The predictability on Thursday and Friday nights makes for comical football. Who calls a timeout to run the same play three straight times in a row? Page runs the majority of their passes from play-action, yet they develop slowly. Down by two scores in the 4th, the OC calls more dives. Down by three scores in the bottom of the 4th, the OC calls more dives.

  3. I went out and saw East Forsyth play tonight since it was a Varsity game on Thursday and man they are loaded! That team can really make some noise in the playoffs this year.

  4. Teddy Roe if you are a parent be a parent in the stands ,if you are a fan be a fan. You are entitled to your opinion sitting in the stands last night i would be embarrassed as a parent if my child turned around and heard me say some of the things i heard last night. All i can say is wow!!! Screaming at the coaches “put my child in” “let the other kids play” coming from the stands was embarrassing . Its laughable because everybody in the stands are undefeated ,i bet they want tell Steven Davis , Johnny Roscoe , Tommy Norwood . But at Page its exceptable. If you aint got nothing good to say dont say nothing. Stop embarrassing your selves in the stands and let the coaches coach and the players play. Good luck to both teams tonight may GOD watch over each and every player with no injuries and every fan and parents arrive and leave safely home.

  5. Nobody in Greensboro cares about East Forsyth! NWG fans really don’t care about them! I hope they come over here with that traitor Coach you know who and get their butts kicked!

  6. Looks like some bitter NW Fans out there like always. Better worry about SW before you worry about East Forsyth NW Fans.

  7. Smiths JV coach is doing a great job. The quarterback (D’Andre Davis) threw four TD passes, three of which went to Barry Ford. Barry has been catching TD passes all year. In the right system these to are going to be hard to stop in the next few years. Great game by these JV players and great play calling by the “JV” coach.

  8. WOW: people should be able to yell at coaches as long as they are not threatening his life. If parents’ children who play on the team attend the 7 on 7s, camps, and other summer functions, they expect for their children to play some. Therefore, I encourage parents to yell at coaches who play the starters in the game up by 40 in the 4th QTR.

    By the way, you probably are the person who gets upset when the opposing team fans are gleefully when your team losers. Enjoy the season, and remember people are entitled to their opinion.

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