St. Pius Girls basketball team and Coach Kristin Shelton have now won 100 straight games

*****St. Pius Girls Basketball Team has won 100 Straight Games*****
The St. Pius Comets beat St. Leo’s on Saturday and enjoyed their 100th consecutive win.

Coach Kristin Shelton and assistants Pete Lindsay and Derrick Heard have figured out how to get 7th and 8th grade girls to execute well.

There are more girls that play basketball year round at St. Pius than most other schools. Many girls become interested when they are young and attend the JV and Varsity girls and boys games that take place on Saturdays.

The Comets play good defense consistently and usually have a number of girls that can score. But there are a lot of talented girls and strong coaches out there so it is hard to say what fuels this run.