Does anybody out there have the “Carolina Panthers Fever”/”Cat Scratch Fever”???

Now (10-0) and QB Cam Newton threw for 5 TD’s today, to five different receivers and the Panthers made the Washington Redskins victim #10, 44-16….

Is there any stopping these Panthers now and how much team merchandise will they sell for Christmas??? 20-25 Million Dollars worth you think?

You got the Carolina Panthers at (10-0) and the Dudley Panthers at (12-1) and not a bad year at all for the Panthers so far, in 2015….

Will the Carolina Panthers make it (11-0) on Thanksgiving Day? You would have to believe they have a great chance, they will face the Cowboys in Dallas and the Dudley Panthers just beat the Cowboys in Greensboro, back on Friday night…

This might be the “Year of the Panthers”…..


  1. Well it looks like we are off to a good start here, and I just needed to add and adjust one thing. I had the final score at 44-14, but it was 44-16 with the safety the Panthers took late in the game and you know they are having a big season when the announcers declare the safety, the longest safety in NFL history…

    I know all of you will be watching when the Panthers play the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day and it looks like the Carolina Panthers are about to go (11-0) and how does our crowd feel about that…

    This is “Panthers’ Country”, right?????

  2. I will continue to pull for my Colts. I have not yet found my way over to the Carolina Panthers bandwagon like many of the rest of you fans. Never seen so many new Panthers fans popping up all over the place. You might think there had never been football before the Panthers went 10-0 to start this season but there was.

    I have been with my Colts since Day One. Never look back and never look ahead. Baltimore or Indianapolis, I don’t care where they go. I will always be a Colts fan.

    When the Panthers move to LA will all of you still be on board?

  3. Just look at the QB’s they have beaten:
    Jameis Winston
    Sam Bradford
    Kirk Cousins

    That is six out of 10 below average NFL QB’s in my opinion….the other four W’s is due to Defense…Kuechly, Olsen, Norman deserve the press they get….however that SCAM of a QB is terrible throwing the football….just watch the inaccuracy on a week to week basis….even the 21-34 yesterday is on 61.7 pct completion rate…he CANNOT throw at a high level….due to his inaccuracy…..when they beat a Brady or a Manning…and don’t forget they have yet to play Matty Ice…I will be better suited to possibly be a believer….but until then they are still the 7-8-1 football team from last year…

  4. I have been with this team since they started out back in the 90’s and I know that they are for real. I can see the Carolina Panthers, my team, going all the way to 12-0, 13-0 or maybe even 14-0, but it will be hard to go all the way and not lose at least one game. If anybody could do it should be them since their offensive coach is Shula and Shula has already gone all the way once before back in 1972. I see the Carolina Panthers returning to the Super Bowl and I see them winning the Super Bowl over the New England Patriots this time and the Panthers have the game’s best current offensive player in Cameron Newton and the game’s best defensive player in Lucas Kuechly.

    This Carolina Panthers team of 2015 is going to win that Super Bowl and this is going to be a Miracle Year. Ron Rivera said he was looking for a Miracle and I do believe he has found one and the Panthers will have the leagues MVP too. CAM NEWTON

    SUPER BOWL CHAMPS your Carolina Panthers and take that to the Bank of America Stadium.

  5. Just read/saw this at another site and does make for interesting info going into Thursday’s 4pm game in Dallas…..

    Carolina Panthers vs. Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day and Tony Romo is (3-0) for Dallas in 2015 and Romo is ready to go and he will be behind and maybe even under center some on Thursday for the Cowboys, but they have their main man back and he is ready, but I still say like some of the others here today, Panthers win it and for a score, let’s go with,
    Carolina Panthers 28, Dallas Cowboys 14…..Carolina Panthers will be (11-0) at 7:20pm on Thanksgiving Night…..

  6. Got an E-mail today/Monday from retired Army Colonel Bob Drew from Fort Bragg, N.C. and he told me in his E-mail that his team is the Carolina Panthers and that on Thursday the Panthers will beat Dallas and on that day, the Carolina Panthers will become America’s Team…

    Does add up and it does make sense what the Colonel was saying, “you beat America’s Team and you become America’s Team….

    A lot of people are calling it, the Panthers to beat Dallas on Thanksgiving Day.

    And yest there are some that are calling for Dallas to end the Panthers unbeaten run….

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