Final Four College Football Poll from Bryson Gordon with Alabama #1 and Clemson falls to #2

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This championship Saturday did not disappoint. From the Alabama win, to the drama in the Big 10 championship, the phantom offsides call on UNC, and Christian McCaffery’s dominant performance which featured a passing, rushing, and receiving touchdown. There was not that much chaos, but it was a fun week to watch. This is the final poll of the year, which will feature the pairing for the playoffs. I am only doing the top 4 this week, because those are the only teams in the playoff.

1) Alabama (Won vs Florida 29-15)
Alabama turned in another win in the SEC championship, their third since 2009. Derrick Henry showed once again why he should win the Heisman Trophy. Because Alabama won, they pretty much guaranteed themselves a spot in the playoff for the second straight season. They will certainly be one of the most picked teams to win this playoff, trying to avenge their loss to Ohio State in the semi-finals last season.

2) Clemson (Won vs UNC 45-37)
Clemson finished the regular season unblemished, but this is nothing against Clemson, it’s all for Alabama. I just cannot see a scenario where the committee would put Alabama against Oklahoma in the Semi-finals. Clemson scored with UNC, and snuck away from them after a questionable offsides called on UNC. They finally looked like Clemson, but if they play anything like they did in the first half of the UNC game, they will not be hanging around in the playoff long.

3) Oklahoma (Idle)
The Sooners have been impressive the last month of the season, and earned their shot for the national championship. Baker Mayfield has been sensational leading the way for the Sooners, and Semaje Perine has been dominant out of the backfield. They rolled the Big 12’s best teams, earning their conference championship, and a date with Clemson or Alabama in the playoff.

4) Michigan State (Won vs Iowa 16-13)
Michigan State defeated the undefeated Hawkeyes in the Big 10 championship, which was considered a play-in game for the playoff. Connor Cook has led the Spartans back to the promised land with a stellar senior season. Michigan State’s last second win over Michigan earlier this year proved to be the biggest moment of their season.


  1. Donnie,
    The committee ended up flipping 3 and 4. In my eyes I thought it was ratings and location at the end of the day. If Oklahoma played Alabama as a 2 vs 3 matchup in the semi-final, it would have been in Dallas, meaning that the majority would be Oklahoma fans. It would be a big debate making the higher seed technically play a road game in the playoffs. But instead Alabama plays Michigan State in Dallas, and Clemson and Oklahoma play in Miami.

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