Tropical Smoothie Cafe “Play of the Day” and maybe just play of the week/year, some players declaring for college

The “Play of the Day”, from the Tropical Smoothie Cafe has to be the play from last Thursday night’s NFL game where Aaron Rodgers let it rip as time ran out on the clock and it turned out to be a 60-heave to end zone in the air and his teammate, another Rodgers and not George or Roy, so it must have been James Rodgers, he caught the ball near the front line of the end zone, for a Green Packers touchdown and it not every day, week, month, year or lifetime, that you see a play work like that one did….

It was the last play of the game and Green Bay was lateraling the ball all over the field and going backwards toward Aaron “Discount Double-check” Rodgers and somebody grabbed his face mask as they were tacking Rodgers and there you go with Green Bay getting another play, plus 15 yards on the penalty and the game can’t end on a penalty, so Green Bay is on the way to the “Tropical Smoothie Cafe Play of the Day’…..

Rodgers let it rip and that last play won the game for the Packers, but it ripped out the hearts of the Detroit Lions, who at one time, led the Thursday night game vs. Green Bay, by a score of 20-0….“Tropical Smoothie Cafe Play of the Day”, all the way….

Word has it that Elijah Diarrassouba(Page High School) has committed to play college football at Appalachian State….Another Pirate, Jeremy Level, had committed to play at APP earlier in the Fall season…..Both Diarrassouba and Level are seniors at Page and they should be ready to hit the field running up in Boone, next Fall…Both men on defense, Diarrassouba at DE and Level at DB, as the Page Pirates get set to take on the Mallard Creek Mavericks in the NCHSAA 4-AA Championship Game this coming Saturday at Noon, in Raleigh at N.C. State’s Carter-Finley Stadium…..