Pairings released today for the 2015 Haeco Invitational Basketball Tournament with GDS boys/NWG girls top seeds for the 40th Annual Event

Here is how they stack up on the boys side of things for this year’s tournament…..Tourney runs December 26, 28 and 29 at the Greensboro Coliseum Special Events Center…

Men on Day One/December 26…(Men on Court 1)
#1 Greensboro Day School vs. #8 Smith at 2pm on Saturday
#4 Northern Guilford vs. #5 Ragsdale at 3:30pm
#2 Northwest Guilford vs. #7 Page at 5pm
#3 Dudley vs. #6 Grimsley 6:30pm

Women on Day One/December 26(Women on Court 2)
#3 Northern Guilford vs. #6 Ragsdale 1:30pm
#2 Page vs. #7 Smith 3pm
#4 Dudley vs. #5 Greensboro Day 4:30pm
#1 Northwest Guilford vs. #8 Grimsley 6pm

Day Two on Monday December 28
Semifinals and all Semi Games on Court 1
GDS-Smith Winner vs. NG-Ragsdale Winner 5:30pm
NWG-Page Winner vs. Dudley-Grimsley Winner 7pm

Page-Smith Winner vs. NG-Ragsdale Winner 2pm
NWG-Grimsley Winner vs. Dudley-GDS Winner 3:30pm

Day Three on Tuesday December 29
Finals/Championship Games
Court 1 at 5PM
Court 1 at 7:15pm


  1. Northern girls should have the #2 seed, page beefed up their early wins by beating up on a bunch of 2A and 3A teams. Last night validates my point as Northern beat Page.

  2. The fact that either of those 2 girls teams is seeded ahead of Dudley makes no sense to me. Looks like the championship will be on day two tween NW and Dudley. Just Sayin’

  3. There does not seem to be much drama building up to the tournament this year. Last year we knew who the stars were for both the boys and girls. We knew who to look for on the court that could/would make the play. Who are those players this year? Last year the match up that you wanted to see was NW vs GDS for the girls and NW vs GDS for boys. This year it seems to be no doubt the NW girls will swept the field. With the boys it still seems the NW vs GDS match up will be the game to see.

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