High School Basketball Tonight in and around Guilford County on (12/11/15)

from last night/Thursday:South Stokes 61, McMichael 57 (OT)…DaKyrian Brown led the way for MAC with 22 points and Tyler Disque added 11 for the Phoenix…

Southwest Guilford girls(4-2) at Grimsley(2-4) 6pm
Southwest Guilford boys(6-0) at Grimsley(5-2) 7:30pm
Southeast Guilford girls(4-2) at Ragsdale(1-6) 6pm
Southeast Guilford boys(1-5) at Ragsdale(6-1) 7:30pm
We had SEG boys winning back on Tuesday, but after review, we found Southern over SEG 60-58..
+++++Just got a report in that SEG did defeat SG 60-58, so maybe we were right after all…Hope that is the case, if not we sure had a big headline running on SEG Falcon boys that night….+++++
Reidsville girls(1-4) at Dudley(1-2) 6pm
Reidsville boys(1-2) at Dudley(2-1) 7:30pm
Page girls(3-2) at North Davidson(2-1) 6pm
Page boys(2-1) at North Davidson(1-2) 7:30pm
High Point Andrews girls(3-2) vs. High Point Central(1-4) 6pm at High Point University
High Point Central boys(1-3) vs. High Point Andrews(1-5) 7:30pm at HP University
Eastern Guilford girls(4-0) at McMichael(1-4) 6pm
Eastern Guilford boys(3-1) at McMichael(2-3) 7:30pm
Northern Guilford girls(5-1) at Western Alamance(0-5) 6pm
Western Alamance girls coached by former Greensboro College player Nikki Wilborn
Northern Guilford boys(4-2) at Western Alamance(4-1) 7:30pm
Northeast Guilford girls(4-4) at Bartlett Yancey(5-4) 6pm
Northeast Guilford boys(2-6) at Bartlett Yancey(1-8) 7:30pm
Trinity girls(1-6) at Southern Guilford(3-3) 6pm
Trinity boys(5-2) at Southern Guilford(4-2) 7:30pm
Morehead girls(3-1) at Rockingham County(8-0) 6pm
Morehead boys(1-2) at Rockingham County(3-4) 7:30pm
Ravenscroft girls(4-1) at Greensboro Day School(4-3) 5pm
Ravenscroft boys(6-2) at Greensboro Day School(11-1) 6:30pm
Caldwell Academy girls(7-1) at Faith Christian(1-4) 5:30pm in Roanoke, Virginia
Caldwell Academy boys(2-5) at Faith Christian(5-0) 7pm in Roanoke, Virginia
Carlisle girls(5-1) from Martinsville, Virginia at High Point Christian Academy(0-2) 5:30pm
Carlisle boys(1-3) from Martinsville, Virginia at High Point Christian Academy(5-1) 7pm
North Raleigh Christian(0-4) at Wesleyan Christian Academy(5-4) 6pm
North Raleigh Christian(3-4) at Wesleyan Christian Academy(7-1) 7:45pm
Burlington School boys(7-0) at Westchester Country Day(6-3) 6pm

OFF for tonight:Northwest Guilford, Western Guilford, Smith, Vandalia Christian, New Garden Friends and Oak Ridge Military Academy…..


  1. Thanks for that update/report….Maybe we didn’t blow that headline back in Tuesday night…
    Maybe we did, MaxPreps had the game as SGHS over SGHS 60-58….

  2. Hoggard was final 4 last year like NWG. I also think they are unbeaten this year, good to see good teams trying to schedule good competition!!!

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