Coach Johnny Roscoe taking his mark of 300-163-1 back down to the farm in South Carolina:Coach Roscoe saying goodbye to Northern Guilford

The sad part is Coach Roscoe’s vision is what has really done him in….We saw him wearing glasses for the first time this season…He had serious off-season eye surgery to combat glaucoma and he was at Duke University for more eye surgery today….Both eyes have been bothering him and he has seen fit to call it quits out on Spencer-Dixon Road and the Northern Guilford Nighthawks, led by Athletic Director Brian Thomas, will begin the search for a new football coach at Northern Guilford High School…

Pretty sure Coach Roscoe and his wife Jane will return to their farm down in South Carolina and Coach Roscoe will leave with a career coaching mark of 300-163-1….He hit the 300-win mark this season and those are for combined wins while coaching down in South Carolina and then up here, in North Carolina….

More from Joe Sirera at News and Record CLICK HERE…..And let’s take time to wish Coach Roscoe the best as he heads back into retirement for a second time…..Good luck to the Roscoe family and as we all know, your vision is very serious business and it needs to be dealt with properly….Glaucoma can lead to blindness….

Tweet from Coach Johnny Roscoe:
Coach Johnny Roscoe @Nhwks1
At Duke for Eye Surgery. Would love to have coached the Nighthawks for many years to come.

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  1. Not enough words to describe the Legacy that Johnny Roscoe and Jane “Mrs. Coach” leave behind at Nighthawk Nation. They helped to create a true spirit of family with our sons, parents, coaches, teachers and neighbors. Once a Nighthawk, always a Nighthawk. We will always remember “Johnny and the Nighthawks”. Thank you for a job well done. Once a Nighthawk, always a Nighthawk!

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