Best Kept Secret in Greensboro:UNCG Christmas Classic(High School Basketball)

Wesleyan Christian Academy girls vs. Roxboro Community School today at 1:30pm in the UNCG Christmas Classic and if this is not the “Best Kept Secret” in Greensboro, I don’t know what is….Is is happening, but what is it really??? We know WES is playing today and we hear Forest Trail with Delaney Rudd and Clavon Ingram are there and other schools too, but you talk about the basketball showcase or tournament that is being held outside the frame of human basketball fan’s brain and this is it…

Would still like to know what all is happening here and with us being one of the top basketball voices in town, you thinks they would get the news on this event to us, so we could let the basketball people know what is going on……

I got E-mails on this yesterday and just happen to stumble across the WES girls participation, when I was researching the WES girls roster and S. Jones at MaxPreps this morning and I need to get S. Jones first name in print too….Not Wes Jones, because he is from High Point, but S. Jones, from Wesleyan…..

*****Shaniya Jonee from WES*****

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