News and Record’s All-Area High School Football Team with Connell Young(Dudley HS) Player of the Year

CLICK HERE for the News and Record’s HS XTRA high school football All-Area Team with tons/loads of names on there that you will know with Hooker, Jones, Leake, Freeman, Hennigan, Overton, Hardin, Gatling, Level, Taylor, Hunt, Branch, Love, Little, Mackovic, Pressley, Peele, they are all on here somewhere….Check them out….

Connell Young, from Dudley High School is your All-Area Player of the Year and you can check the young RB young’s numbers when you CLICK HERE

All from the News and Record at….


  1. How does the News and Record come up with this list? Many of the players are the same ones you hear about every week, but do the coaches submit the others?

  2. Looks like some pretty good selections and some of the more obscure players will be your lineman and your more successful teams will usually have the top lineman to go along with the skill players but in some cases you may have a very good lineman or even a defensive player that may go unnoticed on a weaker team, but for the most part the top players are here….

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