Top Ten Numbers from Monday action at the 2015 HAECO Invitational Basketball Tournament

Working in those Top Ten Numbers from Monday night’s action at the 40th Annual HAECO Invitational Basketball Tournament….

Girls Top Ten Scoring and we may have to add in numbers or adjust, but here is what we have for now…

22:Gloria Smith-Bunch(Greensboro Day School)
19:Bailey Kargo(Page)
18:Elissa Cunane(Northern Guilford)
16:Savannah Neas(Northwest Guilford)
16:DJ Jackson(Smith)
16:Mahlon Brady(Greensboro Day)
15:Teara Johnson(Dudley)
15:Roxanne Pfenning
15:Rebecca Little(Grimsley)
14:Hayley Barber(Northwest Guilford)
Rebounds:Mahlon Brady(GDS) with 16, Destiny McCollough(Smith) with 13, Elissa Cunane(Northern Guilford) 13, Rebecca Little(Grimsley) with 10…..
Free Throws:Bailey Kargo(Page) goes 6-6…Savannah Neas(NWG) goes 9-11…Rebecca Little(Grimsley) goes 8-12…DJ Jackson(Smith) goes 8-11…Elissa Cunane(Northern) goes 6-8…
Three-point shooting:Teara Johnson(Dudley) goes 3-3…

Boys Top Ten Scoring:
29:Aaron Wiggins(Grimsley)
26:Thomas Hennigan(Northwest Guilford)
21:Ramon Pratt(Smith)
21:Brandon Lambert(Dudley)
18:Sha’Quise Futtrell(Smith)
16:Greyson Collins(Ragsdale)
16:Brandon Talton(Page)
16:Tre Turner(Northwest Guilford)
15:Andy Pack(Northern Guilford)
14:Jack Emerick(Northern Guilford)
14:Shawn Stringfellow(Ragsdale)
14:Josh Hopkins(Dudley)
14:Reggie Davis(Northwest Guilford)
Rebounds:Aaron Wiggins(Grimsley) with 12…Brandon Lambert(Dudley) with 12…JP Moorman(Greensboro Day) with 10…
Free Throws:Aaron Wiggins(Grimsley) goes 8-9…Thomas Henningan(Northwest) goes 9-13…Tre Turner(Northwest) goes 7-8…
Assists:Jalen Spicer(Northwest Guilford) with 6 assists…
Three-point shooting:Pearce Landry(Greensboro Day School) went 4-7 from three-point range….

*****Several numbers and we hope to add more later on…..*****