Are multi-sport Athletes an endangered species?(How one-sport Athletes are changing Youth Sports)

They send these posts to us about once a month and time to share from “The Season” and this month they ask the question, “Are multi-sport Athletes an endangered species?”……

[How one-sport Athletes are changing Youth Sports]………

It may be that parents — who have their eyes set on a college scholarship, the proverbial pot of gold at the end of the rainbow — are the ones pushing their children to select one sport over another. It may be the kids, whose passion for one sport outweighs the others, making the decision to focus their training in one area.

*****Regardless of the reason, it’s plain to see that multi-sport athletes, specifically on the high school level, are an endangered species.*****

+++++Once upon a time, it was as American as apple pie to sample a wide variety of sports. However, more and more athletes are specializing at younger ages in order to keep up with their rapidly-developing, single-sport peers who have individual coaches or personal trainers.+++++

CLICK HERE for the complete/full post and with it you will see a real nice/neat photo of Bo Jackson, from back in his day a multi-sport athlete….


  1. You look at kids like Diondre Overton, Will Jones, Tre Turner, Thomas Hennigan, Hendon Hooker, Brion Seagraves, Myles White, Dematus Gilmore, Franklin McCain, Bruce Davis, Max Maynard and all of these kids are going against that trend that is mentioned above…..

  2. As a former (way former) multi-sport athlete, and the parent of a current multi-sporter, I’m of the belief that if a kid wants to play more than one sport, and has the ability to do so, he/she should. Kids that are good enough to play “at the next level” will be good enough, even if they don’t concentrate solely on one sport year-round. There may be some exceptions to that, but I suspect they are very few. It takes hard work and dedication, but most of those kids already have those qualities.

  3. I think that playing all year round AAU or travel teams and now high school football has 7 vs 7 tournaments during the off season has kept kids from trying other sports. Add in college camps and all of these all American camps and it’s a lot to try and do.

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