Looking back at the Elite Middle School Basketball Players from October of 2013 with Coach Jerry Eaves

From late September/Early October of 2013:
(Courtesy of Coach Jerry Eaves, former men’s basketball coach at N.C. A&T State University……)

I believe I had the Top Middle School players in the state of N.C. All of them have a bright future and undoubtably will have the opportunity to play at a higher level.

*****All of these kids below were at Coach Eaves basketball skills camp at the Spears YMCA……*****
8th Graders:
Andy Pack:….Now at Northern Guilford HS
Strong big body – super athletic ability, and a nice 15 foot jump shot. Super aggressive to the basket with that right hand; with the ability to shoot over people and can block shots.
Tre’ Turner:….Now at Northwest Guilford HS
Very smooth off the dribble with both right and left hand; really pushes the ball in transition and demonstrates great team play!!! Tre’ hit 3 – 3 pointers in a row off the dribble, and covered the most ground offensively and defensively. Tre’ is the brother of P. J. Hairston of UNC Chapel Hill.(P.J. now with the Charlotte Hornets)
Dwayne Crossen:….I think he is now a football QB at Dudley HS and led the Panthers’ JV team to a (9-1 or 8-2) record this past fall as DC Crossen….
Big Body, tough defender and strong around the basket. He has a nice 15 foot shooting touch! I love to see Dwayne put the ball on the floor more.
Alex Michael:Now at the Greensboro Day School….
Is a 6’2” 8th grader and if he continues to grow and work on his basketball skills, he can develop into a Division I player. Alex has very soft hands and a nice 15 foot jump shot to go along with the package.
Chloe Brewington:Now doing quite well on the girls/women’s team at the Greensboro Day School….
Was the only female athlete at the camp, but she performed like a true champion!! Great defender of the ball, who demonstrated a beautiful shooting touch and also showed her ability to get to the rim with ease.

7th Graders
Kobe Langley:Now at Southwest Guilford HS
Kobe is a shot maker and one of the best scorers around for his age. He is very athletic and uses it on the defensive end to create turnovers. Kobe shoots the ball well from the 3 point line and is very crafty with the ball. Kobe loves to perform in the big games.
Keyshaun Langley:Now at Southwest Guilford HS
Keyshaun is a relentless defender and competitor. He handles the basketball well and makes great decisions. Simply put, he is a coach’s dream. Keyshaun keeps his composure and has excellent control. He pushes the ball in transition and finishes well. Keyshaun does so many things well…he is a winner.
Tristan Perry:Now at Greensboro Day School
Tristan was my surprise of the camp! Scored the ball with a high efficiency rate; very cleaver using his left hand getting to the basket and demonstrated a consistency 18 foot shot. Kudos to Mr. Sutton (Landon Sutton’s dad) for all the work he put in with Tristan and Landon before the camp. It really paid off for both!


  1. Correction, Dwayne Crossen played defensive back at Dudley High School at the varsity level. The JV football team was lead this past fall by a kid named Richard Monroe a 6’3″ freshman QB.

  2. Probably so, but Dudley had a kid named Crossen playing backup QB to Hendon Hooker late in the year…Crossen was back at there at QB along with Zariek Rush-Foxworth at RB….

    Not familiar with Moore from the JV, but sounds like a good one….

    We have to cross the Crossen path first….

  3. Hey Andy,

    I think next to Chloe Brewingtons name you need to be a bit more respectful and not bash a player saying she isnt doing to well. If you meant to say the GDS womens team is not doing well, you should make that very clear. Saying Chloe isnt doing well is disrespectful and also inaccurate. Shes the starting point guard and plays well for that team even though they are on a down year

  4. Not here to bash anyone…

    Copy says this and I thought when I saw your comment what is he talking about???

    My note:

    Now doing quite well on the girls/women’s team at the Greensboro Day School….

    From what I have seen she has been having a very good season with 15 points in her last game at the Haeco…

    Now doing quite well, has been the note on her on this post from the get-go…Team not doing quite as good as in year’s past, but Gloria Smith-Bunch, Mahlon Brady and Chole Brewington all hanging in there…

    The good word has been here on Brewington…

  5. It sounds like someone is not happy or having a bad day at the office. I agree with you Andy – I read the post previously and did not get anything negative out of it. I think this is just a parent not happy or concerned with a situation and misread what they think others may be saying about their team. The GDS girls are having a difficult year but what do you expect considering the type of players that they have had over the past few years. GDS has a young team with big shoes to fill. I am sure Chloe and the other players will find their way by next year.

  6. No, i have to agree with the previous poster here. That side note next to brewingtons name said “not doing quite well” because I thought the same thing. It has been changed. Which it was probably a simple mistake, but the word “now” said “not” this morning.

  7. To my knowledge there have been no updates/revisions on the post and it has read the same thing since it was posted yesterday/last evening and whatever confusion this may have caused, all seems to be good now and as for the player in question, there is no question about it….She is a very good young basketball player and here’s hoping she keeps up the hard work and continues to improve…

  8. Dwayne Crossen did play backup quarterback and defensive back for Dudley varsity football.

  9. Yes sir, I thought they were calling him DC Crossen back during the season when he came in for Hendon Hooker…Saw action against several teams including South Caldwell, Southwest Guilford and the first team Dudley faced in the football playoffs…

  10. Andy,

    We read this the first day as NOW… Thanks for the love and you do a great job on this site. Miss Coach Eaves and wish he was still in the area, what a great man to learn from.

  11. Is there no one doing middle school basketball articles on the site anymore? Last year it was some talented kids in the area this year has some good ones also boys and girls.

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