High School Basketball Tonight for (1/5/16)

Northwest Guilford(OFF), Southwest Guilford(OFF), Ragsdale(OFF), High Point Andrews(OFF), New Garden Friends(OFF), Oak Ridge Military Academy(OFF), High Point Central and High Point Christian Academy girls(OFF)…..

Smith girls(6-8) at Dudley(5-6) 6pm
Smith boys(6-8) a Dudley(6-3) 7:30pm
Southeast Guilford girls(11-2) at Page(7-3) 6pm
Southeast Guilford boys(3-10) at Page(4-4) 7:30pm
Southern Alamance girls(6-4) at Grimsley(3-6) 6pm
Southern Alamance boys(4-6) at Grimsley(7-4) 7:30pm
High Point Central boys(7-3) at RJ Reynolds(12-1) 7pm
Southern Guilford girls(9-4) at Ledford(7-5) 6pm
Southern Guilford boys(7-6) at Ledford(7-6) 7:30pm
Western Guilford girls(2-10) at Asheboro(8-4) 6pm
Western Guilford boys(6-6) at Asheboro(10-1) 7:30pm
Western Alamance girls(1-9) at Eastern Guilford(8-3) 6:30pm
Western Alamance boys(8-4) at Eastern Guilford(8-3) 8pm
Northern Guilford girls(8-5) at Northeast Guilford(6-6) 6:30pm
Northern Guilford boys(8-5) at Northeast Guilford(4-7) 8pm
Charlotte Christian girls(7-3) at Greensboro Day School(5-6) 5pm
Charlotte Christian boys(6-7) at Greensboro Day School(17-3) 6:30pm
The Burlington School girls(7-1) at Caldwell Academy(9-2) 5:30pm
The Burlington School boys(16-0) at Caldwell Academy(2-8) 7pm
Faith Christian School girls(11-2) at Vandalia Christian School(5-4) 6pm
Faith Christian School boys(1-10) at Vandalia Christian School(13-6) 7:30pm
Wesleyan Christian Academy girls(11-6) at Ravenscroft)7-4) 4:15pm
Wesleyan Christian Academy boys(11-4) at Ravenscroft(11-3) 5:45pm
The Australian Travel Team at High Point Christian Academy boys(13-2) 7pm
Carolina Friends boys(2-5) at Westchester Country Day(8-7) 7pm
**********This one might be the marque matchup of the night:Eastern Alamance girls(11-0/5-0) at Rockingham County(13-1/6-0) 6pm in Wentworth, N.C.**********


  1. Girls
    Southeast Guilford
    Southern Alamance
    Northeast Guilford
    Charlotte Christian
    Burlington School
    Faith Christian
    Rockingham County

  2. The biggest upset among those picks might be the NEG over Northern Guilford game….If Cunane is in there for NG, it will be a tough win for NEG to take over the Nighthawks….Southern can really use that win over Ledford if they can get it and The Burlington School might be the next up-and-coming school around for the boys and the girls…TBS boys are (16-0) and the girls at (7-1) and if Peyton Kadlecek was healthy and still playing for Caldwell, my money would be on the Caldwell Eagles…Losing Peyton is going to be hard for Caldwell to overcome…She really meant a lot to that team and in this, her senior year, it is a shame to see her career end due to injury…..

    SEG over Page may become a battle at the Mac Morris Gym….SEG might be just a bit tougher inside with Tinsley and Dias-Allen…

    Good night to be inside watching basketball….

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