Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight Finals:GDS tops HPCA/Grimsley over Page/NWG girls (13-0)/Smith girls defeat SEG/SWG Cowboys are (15-0)/VCS’ Noah Dunn with the shot of the night/NEG Lady Rams run down EA/WG boys catch N. Forsyth

******Do we have other scores out there and how GDS able to solve Bam Adebayo tonight???*****
Greensboro Day School boys 60, High Point Christian Academy 59
GDS(19-3)….HPCA(14-3)….WES at GDS on Tuesday…..
Grimsley boys 49, Page 35
Grimsley(9-4/2-0)…Page(5-6/1-1)….Great battles inside tonight between Bruce Davis(Grimsley HS) and Diondre Overton(Page HS)…Diondre has a ton of talent and Bruce had determination that will not stop…At one stage of the game they had to call a Double-Technical to get the to slow it down…They are two of the hardest working players that you will ever see in this town….Aaron Wiggins 12, Mason Moore 10, Austin Inge 10, Bruce Davis 9 all for Grimsley….Diondre Overton with 16 points, Jalen King with 7, Brandon Talton and Tylan Tatum 6 each for Page……
Southwest Guilford boys 76, Glenn 59
Smith Boys 71, Southeast Guilford 64
Smith boys now (7-9/1-1)….SEG goes to (3-12/0-2)
Smith girls 54, Southeast Guilford 50
The looks like one of the biggest wins in recent Smith Golden Eagles girls basketball history…Smith girls now at (7-9/1-1)…SEG(11-4/0-2)…
Northeast Guilford girls 47, Eastern Alamance 41
NEG(8-7/4-4)…EA(13-1/7-1)…One of the biggest wins of the year in the Triad….
Eastern Alamance boys 68, Northeast Guilford 52
Northwest Guilford girls 59, Ragsdale 16
NWG girls now (13-0/1-0)
Northwest Guilford boys 90, Ragsdale 52
Page girls 52, Grimsley 9
Page (9-4/2-0)….Bailey Kargo with 21 points to lead Page, Emma Heard, who is one of the best young post players we have in the area, she had 9 points, Roxanne Pffening had 7 points, while Emily Casper and Amari Jackson had 5 points each, plus it was 2 a-piece for Chakala Patterson and Hannah Wyrick…Grimsley with 5 points for Rebecca Little and four for Leigh Ramsey…
Dudley boys 88, Southern Alamance 42
Dudley(8-3/2-0)….Grimsley at Dudley next Friday night and both teams are (2-0) in Metro…
Dudley girls 60, Southern Alamance 24
Eastern Guilford boys 76, Rockingham County 47
EG boys now (10-4/6-2)
Greensboro Day girls 56, High Point Christian Academy 24
Rockingham County girls 53, Eastern Guilford 44
Central Davidson 68, Southern Guilford 49
SG girls now (10-5/3-1)…Central Davidson(9-5/4-0)
Southern Guilford boys 57, Central Davidson 26
Vandalia Christian School boys 58, Alamance Christian School 57
VCS was down by 2 with 1.8 seconds left, they threw the ball the length of the court and Noah Dunn got a 3 off at the buzzer and it went in…Noah Dunn the hero again for the Vikings…
VCS now 15-6/4-0)….ACS(11-3/3-1)…
Northern Guilford boys 72, Morehead 35
NG now at (10-6.6-2)…MORE is (3-9/1-6)…..Andy Pack with another 27 points for NG men tonight…
Northern Guilford girls 80, Morehead 53
Western Guilford boys 58, North Forsyth 57
WG boys now (7-8/2-2-)…NF(10-6/2-2)
East Forsyth boys 52, High Point Central 44
EF(6-7/1-0)/HP Central(7-6/0-1)
Alamance Christian School girls 58, Vandalia Christian School 50
Westchester Country Day boys 70, Salem Baptist 32
WCD(10-7/5-1)/Salem Baptist(5-15/2-6)
Caldwell Academy boys 48, Carolina Friends 45
Glenn girls 51, Southwest Guilford 35

+++++All other scores have not yet been posted at MaxPreps….We checked on each and every one of them.+++++


  1. GDS Game! Wow! HPCA crowd not happy with coaching! If I was Bam for HPCA I’d be heading back home because his guards don’t want to give him ball – they stand out top and dribble. You don’t lose that game without big man touching ball at end of game. HPCA takes timeout and draws up a play ….LOL! They dribble out front for 14 seconds and throw up a prayer at end. SMH
    Great atmosphere and great idea to move it to a bigger facility- packed house! Will GDS move their game when they play again??

  2. HPC missed too many 3 point shots and not enough dribble drive. GDS played Bam in the front and back with no room to breath. GDS defensively is in a universe by themselves. GDS wins on defense year after year. John Newman was the difference tonight for GDS.

  3. HPCA held only two leads. Early 4-2 then didn’t take the lead until 57-56 under 2 mins to play. GDS controlled the game and had leads of 10 twice in second. Two silly turnovers and a missed front in of a one and one allowed HPCA to rally. Bam is fantastic but besides transition buckets as a point forward, and offensive put backs he was doubled so he could never make any true offensive moves with his back to be ball.

    GDS played disciplined and tough on defense. Freddie is Freddie. JP and Newman were spectacular and didn’t back down.

    Btw Bam’s scored the first points of the night with a unbelievable one hand follow up dunk that brought the house down. It was unreal!

    Fantastic Game! Fantastic atmosphere!

  4. If Freddie had the HPCA team they would win National Championship! Graves for HPCA is not an ACC guard . Its a shame to see all that talent go to waste. Bam is a man. He had 3 and 4 guys hanging on him all night- but still had plenty opportunities to get the ball and they didn’t give it to him. They have couple other guards that are better and should have the ball.

  5. Does anyone have box score on HP and GDS game? Id like to know what GDS shot from floor. They didn’t miss many – I say at least 70% or better.

  6. NWG could have beat Ragsdale by 70 tonight..Ragsdale kept their starters in the whole game while NWG substituted freely

  7. High Point Christian Community College. We have to do better. I think we over recruit. Tell some of these guys to stay in public school or go to Shining Light Academy.

  8. Bam did what I expected him to do. He always had a guy in front and back of him with no direct path to the lane or ability to turn the corner on ball side. The players that should be looking at themselves in the mirror today are the other guys on the perimeter. I thought Jaylen played a great game and a good game from the one kid that keep getting dunks off the baseline cut. But the other guards played terrible. It’s easy to say these guys just missed shots but it’s interesting how it always happens when these type of players play against a Freddie Johnson team and to his credit a Jeff Smith defense. Many of the guards on HPC will score 20 pts in AAU when the defense is standing straight up but it’s a different ball game when you play GDS. Several of those HPC guards are going to have to deal with a tough reality when they get to college. The bottomline is that last night was not a coaching issue with HPC. It was a player issue. Those guards must be able to hit those shots under the lights of a big stage. These guys thought they were going to stream roll GDS but here is a special note – GDS has seen and beat teams much better than this HPC team in the past. WES once had Theo Pinson, Montay Brandon and Harry Giles with others on the same team and very good teams even afterwards. GDS is the gold standard regardless of whether you beat them or not. They will not beat themselves.

  9. It sounds like it was a good ball game by reading the recaps from Wyatt Smith here at the site and by Joe Sirera at the News and Record…

    Sounds like a real big game from John Newman, who also played very well at the Haeco Tournament…

    Good game and Coach Clifford at HPCA stepped up and took this one and he had this as one of his post-game comments:

    “Our main story of the night was guarding the basketball,” Clifford said. “That’s been a hallmark of ours for years, and I didn’t have my team prepared defensively the way I expected to. I told them, ‘I’ll take this one,’ because there were things I could’ve prepared them for and I didn’t.”

    The defense from Greensboro Day School will always be a trademark/hallmark….60-59 sounds like just where they would want that score to be, in the low 60’s or 50’s….

  10. Wish Ty and Jalen still at Page playing with DO!

    Ty gonna be fine. Excellent player. Will do well at BC. Wish nothing but the best for him and JS!

  11. Must admit Overton has a ton of talent and is a real athlete. Looks like the student section and tight defense may have gotten to him a little bit during this game. Bruce played him very well. It is a tough setting with the fans so close to the court although seemed like the student section was a little quiet until the end.

    When Overton went out with the T the air kind of went out of the sails of the Pirate Ship and it sank.

    Whirlies are looking good this year if they can keep folks healthy.

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