Graham Sporting Goods High School Basketball Tonight Finals for (1/12/16):Guilford County Coaches and players to the North Carolina HOF

Final:Greensboro Day School 71, Wesleyan Christian Academy 62
Final:High Point Christian Academy 65, Forsyth Country Day 62

WES up on GDS boys 16-11 end of 1st Quarter….At the Half:WES 25, GDS 21…GDS 41, WES 40 end of 3rd Quarter…52-44 and now 57-47 GDS up late in this one…from several tweets:63-50 GDS with 2:24 to play in the game….GDS now up 66-61 with just 50 seconds left in game…
Finals that are coming in Tonight:
Wesleyan Christian Academy girls 42, Greensboro Day School 33
WES(12-8)/GDS(11-11)….Greensboro Day girls record update from…(11-11) is correct record for GDS girls…
*****Looking for and watching for scores on Caldwell Academy and New Garden Friends….*****
Final:Caldwell Academy girls 46, Salem Baptist 42
Caldwell Academy(11-3)

HPCA boys were leading Forsyth Country Day 63-62 with just 20 seconds left in the game….

******Also today Freddy Johnson, men’s basketball coach at the Greensboro Day School has been named to the North Carolina Sports Hall of Fame and joining Coach Johnson there will be former Page High School football and basketball player Haywood Jeffries…And a third Guilford County former athlete and coach going into the Hall will be Susan Yow, from Gibsonville….Yow the sister of Kay(deceased), Debbie and brother Ronnie Yow…Joe Sirera(News and Record) has more on this news when you CLICK HERE….*****

+++++I just told either Jeff Smith or Robert Johnson, about two weeks ago, that Freddy Johnson has had some kind of coaching career and that he would be in the North Carolina Hall of Fame one day, and now there it is and you have it/he has it….+++++


  1. Missed HPCA game tonight – but was told by a fan at the game that u can tell something is going on internally. A lot of ball hogging going on. Seems to be some player – coach issues. Boring run offense and another veteran coach with a team with little talent coaches circles around HPCA. Shame u have a 6’11 man and the offense is not run through the post…Not going far like that. Could be embarrassing next Monday when they play Chino Hills on ESPN. They may want to call in sick for that one.

  2. Insane, if you didn’t go to the game you must not know what you are talking about so possibly you should not express an uneducated opinion.

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